1. B

    Community college is now free for Mass. residents 25 and older. Millions qualify Community college is now free for Mass. residents 25 and older. Millions qualify August 24, 2023 Max Larkin Gov. Maura Healey wants to get the word out: Attending community college is...
  2. Biden administration urges colleges to pursue racial diversity without affirmative action#NotBothSides

    Heres the guidance:
  3. MostReal

    Deion Sanders foot is having problems again.
  4. J

    UC and CSU deliver thousands of rejection letters. Arizona State wants to fill the void

    Kiana Tovar was all set to attend Sacramento State. Kara Smith had firm plans: enroll at Santa Monica College, then apply to transfer to UCLA. Israel Cortave had been accepted to UC Merced and UC Riverside, which both offer the computer science and engineering majors he wants to explore. All...
  5. J

    Cal State University students are failing classes in a big rate, even with in-person classes

    California State University students are failing or withdrawing at high rates from many courses — including chemistry, calculus, English and U.S. history — prompting renewed efforts for systemwide reform. New attention is being placed on classes that for years have shown failure or withdrawal...
  6. J

    California State University system might make hybrid classes permament

    Many CSU students see big upsides to online learning. Now, there is a push to expand it :ehh:The future is digital
  7. TheAnointedOne

    --&& Daily Math/Physics Questions Thread &&--

    Latest Question Simple premise. Everyday I (and other people can do so) will post a single math or physics question from a wide range of various difficulties. The 'easy' questions will just be college-level stuff. Not braindead simple stuff that middle schoolers can do. (ex.: 1 + 1 = ?)...
  8. Hater Eraser

    Yo ! WtF Is Up w/ Utah Brehs and these Pawgs !!! Another Utah University Murder

    A whirlwind romance Saturday night, September 2018. It started out a night like any other. Lauren texted Alex about a new bar on Main Street. London Belle. Red velvet couches, pulsating music, crowded dance floor. Line snaking out the door. The Lauren who walked around campus with her head down...
  9. Bart simpson

    Is college relevant?

    I'm beginning to think college is a joke. :martin: I mean unless you're going for science, math, or medicine do you really need college. Right now I'm in school for communications so I can direct commercials, ad campaigns, artsy creative stuff. But I already made connections and did commercials...
  10. Jimi Swagger

    Chinese PhD education ‘shifted from Soviet to US model’

    Working paper suggests that US influence has led to growth and improvement of China’s doctoral education Chinese doctoral education has shifted from a Soviet to a US model, according to a working paper that demonstrates the growth and improvement of PhD education in the country. The paper...
  11. Milk

    British universities employ no black academics in top roles, figures show

    No black academics have worked in senior management in any British university for the last three years, according to employment records. Figures published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency record no black academics in the elite staff category of “managers, directors and senior...
  12. Ruck

    Buckeyes Making History Again: Zeke and Bosa Rookie of the Year

    Elliott 2016 Rookie of the Year; All-Rookie Team | PFWA mike thomas and taylor decker all rookie first team as well. only the goat school can produce such talent. we stay winning! @smitty22 @Illeye buckmatic @MustafaSTL @Goat poster @KRiLL (+) @OSUBaneBrowns @GhostKiD @Buckeye Fever @Brady...
  13. Anerdyblackguy

    Donald Trump heads to court.

    Donald Trump Heads To Court For Trump University Lawsuit On Heels Of Election Within a few weeks of winning the White House, President-elect Donald Trump could face another group of U.S. citizens, a federal jury in California, courtesy of a lawsuit by former students of his now-defunct Trump...
  14. Jimi Swagger

    Brookings Institution finds disparities in student debt levels for black and white borrowers

    Stop spending those refund checks on bottle service, shoes, weed, mama's light bill and Rooms 2 Go Furniture for those student apartments and pay off those student loans instead. :ufdup: A new study released by the Brookings Institution finds disparities in student debt levels for black and...
  15. Street Knowledge

    Student Said, 'I'm Fine and I Wasn't Raped.' University Investigated, Expelled Boyfriend Anyway

    Female Student Said, 'I'm Fine and I Wasn't Raped.' University Investigated, Expelled Boyfriend Anyway. Colorado State University-Pueblo suspended a male athlete for years after he was found responsible for sexually assaulting a female trainer. But the trainer never accused him of wrongdoing...
  16. SAINT

    In need of some advice

    I go to a $50,000+ year university( a school I don't even want to be at) with a major I don't even want to work in. I woke up today and asked myself, wtf am I doing in my life? I seriously don't even want a job(:dame:)My plan is to start my own business and I have been researching it for the...
  17. Liu Kang

    Official University of Helsinki Java MOOC thread

    Say brehs, I thought it could be interesting to open a new thread on that MOOC which is interesting. It's about object-oriented programming and it focuses on Java, it's not as prestigious and dense as the Harvard's CS50x one (which touches numerous languages) but it could be more interesting for...
  18. 88m3

    Gunmen attack university in Kenya (death toll rises to 147)

    3 minutes ago From the sectionAfrica Al-Shabab's Ahmed Abdi Godane Somalia's al-Shabab: Striking like mosquitoes Who are Somalia's al-Shabab? Video In 60 secs: Who are al-Shabab? Gunmen have stormed a university compound in north-eastern Kenya. Heavy gunfire and explosions have been heard...