1. Tunez

    Vado previews new song featuring Lloyd Banks and Dave East

  2. AMcV'88

    Singles Vado - Ten Check Commandments

    Vado been rapping about scamming for a good 10+ years now so its only right he tries to give you the Ten Commandments
  3. AMcV'88

    "Stop it Five"...Cam'ron & Vado's 'Gunz N Butta' is 10 years old.

    sixteen joints with very little variety, just Cam and Vado going verse for verse over mostly all AraabMuzik beats. would've been better received if we didn't already have 4 tapes of that already. never even mentioned Speaking In Tungs and Hey Muma they were already out and had bubbled...
  4. AMcV'88

    Vado - Checkmate feat Dave East & Jim Jones (VIDEO)

  5. AMcV'88

    Vado attempted to choke Tahiry on TV

    "watching Budden shyt just to see Tahiry ass" - Vado "you're lucky I don't hurt you yo" son forgot where he was for a minute. dikkhead shyt. they shouldve stayed friends
  6. RJThaGreat

    Vado - Long Run Vol. 1 (Discussion Thread)

    Dude BEEN slept on.. one of my fave rap voices and dude can spit foreal.. shame he didn't fly on We The Best.. ffs Khaled.. same wit Ace Hood..
  7. RebelX

    Singles Vado - Jeff Hamilton Feat. Jim Jones (Official Music Video)

  8. AMcV'88

    Singles Vado - Jeff Hamilton feat Jim Jones

    this is hard. Jimmy was diddy bopping all over this.
  9. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron x Vado - Soul Plane Appreciation

    one of the really great joints to come out of the BOAB series. "as I'm sitting on this mail box...."
  10. AMcV'88

    Mixtapes & EPs Vado - VDay 3 EP (2019) (Out Now)

    Dave East and Mr. Commodore cameos. from the upcoming VDay 3. (son couldn't even his tape based around valentines day out on time) edit- the EP is out now on streaming services. seems to have popped up on his ex, Angela Yee's podcast recently too to promote it.
  11. AMcV'88

    Vado on a nice little tear right now.

    from all the references he keeps making on songs post Sinatra 2..he not happy with Khaled. Khaled prolly ain't thought of Vado since he got to Roc Nation.
  12. M

    Mixtapes & EPs Vado - "Sinatra 3" Is Now Out! Features Dave East Plus More...

    Stream Sinatra 3 Mixtape by Vado 1. Unbreakable 2. Javele Mcgee 3. Lenox Ave Division ft. Nino Man 4. War Of The Roses 5. Fortnite ft. Freck Billionaire & Fred The Godson 6. Nice For What (Freestyle) 7. Da Hated ft. Dave East 8. Walk (Freestyle) 9. Diplomatic Immunity (Freestyle) 10. Once Upon...
  13. B

    Dame Grease On Dave East: Max B Recorded New Verses From Jail+ Talks Vado.Exclusive

  14. Maximus Rex

    Dave East & Vado - Da Hated

    Google's new streaming service YouTube Music out today This came up in my recommendations :banderas:
  15. AMcV'88

    Dave East & Vado - God Bless The Summer/Da Hated/Blue Hundreds (Who Run It Harlem Remix)

    shyt fire. they might have an EP on the way for the summer. and another one more
  16. AMcV'88

    Vado - Walk/Diplomatic Immunity (video)

    at this point he's pretty much the most underrated rapper in his city now
  17. R

    Vado - Sinatra 2.5 Mixtape

    Wow Vado just dropped a tape and no one gave a fukk:wow: Something just told me to go on Datpiff and I see this Vado - Sinatra 2.5 Hosted by We The Best

    Singles VADO f/ Browz x "Used To Luv"

  19. AMcV'88

    Vado - V.A.D.O. + Used To Love feat Ron Browz (Videos)

    videos for two songs from whats probably the most underrated project right now. Mixtapes & EPs - Vado - Sinatra 2 (2017)
  20. AMcV'88

    A Waste Of Time w/ ItsTheReal: Vado