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  1. MushroomX

    Old Dirty Pimp Vince McMahon spotted with Kane and Taker at Fury/Ngannou

    :flabbynsick: Father Time Undefeated
  2. The Prince of All Saiyans

    The Trials and Tribulations of Vinny Mac continue, subpoenaed

    They still on the hunt
  3. Playaz Eyez

    The Fall Of WWE Music - What Happened?

    Good vid here that basically details something we’ve all discussed at one time or another in regards to past and present WWE themes. There’s a lot of current ones that just blend together, and since I have watched less wrestling the past few years, I often catch matches in progress, so I...
  4. Playaz Eyez

    With Vince not in the picture, what is Tony Khan/AEW's gimmick???

    AEW was built on the idea of being very anti-WWE, anti-Vince, catering everything directly to the fans and such, but with no Vince in the fold, and HHH basically attempting to un-do a lot of the Vince disasters, what exactly is Tony Khan's motivation for AEW?? What is their calling card right...
  5. Vice Queen

    Word on These Internet Streets is Vince is Going Down to the PC: UPDATE W/ LINK

    What's gonna be running through his mind during this visit? :jbhmm: Update: Update on WWE's ongoing process of evaluating wrestlers - WWE and AEW Coverage
  6. prophecypro

    Cokeboy was at Chapelle's standup show in CT last night, chilling with Ashy Larry

    :dwillhuh: :pachaha:
  7. White City Black

    Vince McMahon on a rare day at the beach

    ...who gets off on creating shyt like this? :martin:
  8. Rell Lauren

    XFL salaries revealed. Is it worth it?

    Average of $55k/yr for roughly six months of work. Includes health insurance as it's full-time employment. Average paycheck is $1,040 where some are eligible to make $4,900 per week. Players are eliigible to sign NFL deals after the championship game.
  9. R

    (Throwback) Vince/JR shyt on Austin for walking out of the WWE (2002)

    I haven't seen this video years. The amount of ether JR was dishing out to Austin for walking out was :wow:. You could really feel the pain, anger and disappointment through the screen when JR was talking here. He was breaking Austin down to the point that made you:damn:. He called him by...
  10. J

    How Long Until The WWE Talent Bubble Bursts?

    Let's be honest, they cannot sustain this many people on the roster forever. There is only so much tv time to go around. Either they're overpaying talent to stay, or paying people to sit at home. WCW was in this same position. They'd either fly in a bunch of people and not use them. or they sat...
  11. NYChase718

    WwE Doubles Up. Boomxbox Brock debuts new entrance

  12. prophecypro

    Undertaker may have changed name to avoid WWE trademark, promotes concert for Bad Bunny

    WWE owns the rights to The Undertaker’s name. It is a registered trademark owned by Vince McMahon’s company. This is the reason why he is going by “Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker” on the Starrcast promotional material. To switch things up even more, it looks like The Undertaker is referring to...
  13. GoddamnyamanProf

    All the WWF VHS Classics Were Put Out By a Porn Distributer (OSW WWE Home Video Retrospective)

    5:30 - 9:50 Jurassic Park took 16 months from theater to VHS :childplease: Vince cutting the Best-Of series from 90 min to 60 min to save money on using shorter VHS tapes :mjgrin: Vince hiring hundreds of random "interns" to go through and blur out all the old logos rather than give World...
  14. OVER

    9 Times Wrestling Executives Admitted Their Mistakes (Vince included)

  15. Vince McMahon spooky fingers

    Vince McMahon spooky fingers

  16. JerseyBoy23

    Cody Rhodes Says Vince Doesn't Hold NXT Superstars Back, Believes They "Become Lazy" After NXT

    So a few days ago Cody had a mini-Q&A and a fan asked him whether he thought Vince unfairly held NXT talent back. Cody responded that guys and girls aren't being held back by Vince but rather are lazy once they get on the main roster. Normally I would think he's just trying to be nice and get...
  17. Vince McMahon Make Roman Look Strong

    Vince McMahon Make Roman Look Strong

  18. Vince McMahon lol

    Vince McMahon lol

  19. The Amerikkkan Idol

    How Long Before Vince McMahon/WWE Gets Weinstein'd?

    Like seriously? You already know some of those Playboy bunnies/fitness models from like 10 years ago have been salivating watching all the attention these Weinstein broads have been getting for "standing up to Harvey" years after the fact. So, who do you think will be the first "brave" diva to...