1. A

    Y'all Really Think Ukraine's Winning This War?

    Have a monster at your doorstep, brehs. :huhldup:
  2. Alix217

    Russian Missiles May Have JUST 'Accidentally' Hit Poland

    https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1697080/russia-poland-missle-dead-NATO-state-Ukraine-war-pictures-world-war-3 :lupe: According to NATO rules if a NATO country is attacked all others have to support them
  3. Mr anansi

    adult convo about war

  4. JadeB

    Ukraine looking more like Russia's Vietnam everyday. 800k Russians fled the country since February, many are draft dodgers

  5. JadeB

    Drug cartel and security forces are fighting each other in Tijuana and surrounding cities now (GRAPHIC)

    I live a couple hours away from TJ and been there several times so this is relevant to me. Trending #1 on Twitter.
  6. JadeB

    Putin may face second war front as Chechnya threatens another rebellion

    Putin faces second war front as Chechens threaten new offensive in Russia fukk Fox News btw
  7. JadeB

    US intelligence says Putin honestly believes he's winning

  8. JadeB

    From Afghanistan's finance minister to DMV uber driver

  9. JadeB

    Germany begins building what will become Europe's largest army

    NPR Cookie Consent and Choices A MARTINEZ, HOST: German Chancellor Olaf Schulz's decision to more than double the funding for his country's military has caught not only Europeans, but also Germans by surprise. The country's reckoning with its own history has, for decades, prevented it from...
  10. DrBanneker

    Food prices hit all time record highs

    Note these index numbers are prior to the war popping off in Ukraine. This month could be ugly. For context, food prices are now higher than when Arab Spring kicked off. This could get ugly brehs.
  11. JadeB

    Russian troops accused of raping women in Ukraine

    Russian soldiers, pressing forward with their invasion of Ukraine, have been accused of raping women, by a resident of the occupied city of Kherson and by Ukraine's foreign minister Kherson resident Svetlana Zorina, speaking to CNN on Friday, highlighted the fear the local people feel now that...
  12. Q

    Euro WAR UN Draft picks are in

    ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD just voted on this war at the UN TEAM RUSSIA: The 5 countries who voted against condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine included Russia, Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea, and Syria. _____________________________________________________________ TEAM NATO bytches (they...
  13. J

    Pentagon worries its weak ‘Nintendo generation’ breaks too easily to withstand war

    what y’all think lol https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nintendo-generation-pentagon-ukraine-russia-b2021972.html?amp
  14. JadeB

    Miami Russians fear housing discrimination due to the Invasion of Ukraine

    Wealthy Russians who parked money in Florida's 'Little Moscow' worry they'll be blacklisted from buying luxury real estate Sunny Isles, Florida, is known as "Little Moscow" because of the many Russian elites who live there. They're worried sanctions could prevent them from buying real estate...
  15. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Red Dawn?

    Are most American civilians prepared for Guerrilla warfare like the kids were in Red Dawn? America has more guns than any other nation in the world – and that number continues to grow each year. After fighting for their independence, the founding fathers enshrined Americans’ right to firearms...
  16. African Peasant

    Where are the footages of the so called heavy battles in Ukraine?

    I'm hearing the news talking about "fierce battles", "heavy battles", "violent confrontations", etc. But I ain't seeing no footage. :dahell: I'm just seeing images of tanks, helicopters, and soldiers running around. Sarajevo, Freetown, Grozny or Fallujah were violent battles and you could see...
  17. Q

    Capitalism is demonic friends

    Strait savage
  18. newarkhiphop

    The Russia - Ukraine Conflict

    :francis: WW3, let's go.
  19. JadeB

    It's insane how most of the hijackers were under 25....

    Literally the oldest one was Mohamed Atta and he was 33. A few were in their late 20s but the bulk were young nikkas. The definition of crash test dummies. Imagine dying for a millionaire who's been chilling in a mansion in Pakistan:picard:
  20. Liu Kang

    Chad’s president Idriss Déby dies ‘on battlefield’

    Chad’s president Idriss Déby dies ‘on battlefield’, military says