1. reserved_one

    How would Klay Thompson fair as a #1 option on another team?

    Now, first off I doubt that Klay would actually leave Golden State given he got it made of not having any pressure and not dealing with any scrutiny. But if he ever was...Y'all think he could take his game to another level and be like Kawhi is right now or would he be glorified #2 like Kyrie...
  2. JesusFOREVER

    Curry slowly becoming Westbrook brehs

    ive seen it all nikkas shot selection is terrible and he ignores so many people when he’ll have 3 guys draped over him to still shoot :russ: I dont give a damn if those are “good shots” for him its the playoffs and your shot aint falling, PASS THE ROCK nikka :stopitslime: I think this is more...
  3. Mac071415

    Klay to stay with GS if offered max contract, considering LA as preferred destination.

    Klay considering to play for the LA Clippers over the LA Lakers. If Golden State doesn't offer the max, he might leave to LA. Woj on Klay Thompson: Watch Clippers, Not Lakers, If Warriors Don't Offer Max :sas2:
  4. Archangel

    Rockets v Warriors gm 3 Proved One Obvious Thing

    The Warriors would've got blown out if it wasn't for KD dropping 40+ and bringing them back. This is why they begged KD to come. For moments like this. If Steph is not scoring, that's it. If Klay isn't going off and having a historic night, its a wrap. KD affects the game in so many ways on...
  5. DonKnock

    DonKnock Presents: Circumstances Advancing The 2nd Chance For This, Beloved [HOU v. GS] WCSF Thread

    :rip: Rockets brehs:blessed: @3rd Coa$t @3rd Koast Kang @Antdrewjosh @BlackAlacard @Charlie Broadway @chkmeout @DredScott @DynamoEAR @Emoryal @GilSho @h2o_proof @hashmander @Hiphoplives4eva @inndaskKy @King Jove @Mike_Pipeson @Mr Bubbles @MilesTailsPrower @polokuo...
  6. MostReal

    Curry the Definitive Superstar of the league?

    The best shooter ever: Steph Curry is still completely unfair :whoo: This is looking to be on par or better with his 2016 regular season I've even had to question if Steph Curry will be able to maintain this type of volume and efficiency throughout the season and the playoffs?
  7. DillaTUDE

    The narrative is slowly changing: NBA Finals changed Stephen A.‘s mind about KD | First Take

  8. Archangel

    How would you build around Bron?

    Me and the fam was debating this last night while watching LA vs GS. They asked me who would I put around him since no other superstars would wanna play with him. I disagree that absolutely no other star wouldn't wanna play with Bron but definitely no other player who needs the ball in his...
  9. cobra

    this is what the warriors org thinks of its fans

    How badly do Golden State Warriors fans want to just get into the building for a home game? We'll soon find out. The team sent an email to its fans on Monday offering a monthly "In The Building Pass." The pass simply gets a fan into the team's Oracle Arena for every home game for $100 a month...
  10. Rhakim

    Did Coli brehs take over NBA front offices this year?

    Golden State added Demarcus to complete an entire All-NBA starting lineup. :whew: Lakers not just adding LeBron but following up with Lance, Beasley, Rondo, and JaVale. :krs: Now Thibs picking up Deng and Noah to add to Jimmy/Taj/D-Rose and legit creating the :flabbynsick: Bulls in Minnesota...
  11. Archangel

    So Who Gon Gone Head And Make That Warriors vs Celtics Finals Thread?

    Is it really a foregone conclusion at this point assuming both parties are healthy? Im not buying Toronto. I'm thinking bout making it myself but I can't think of nothing witty to put in the title .
  12. MostReal

    Was 2016 Warriors a Good team with a Great Player (Curry) or Super Team?

    Spurs didn't look too far away from them in this game. Spurs had won 39 straight at home themselves. They had Parker, Duncan, Aldridge, David West, Ginobili and Lenoard and nobody calls them a Super Team :patrice: This was a pretty even matchup. Curry was the difference:wow: - I'm going with...
  13. JesusFOREVER

    Steph finally got a boy

    Named him Canon :what:, he 100% gonna go by Jack tho :pachaha:
  14. MostReal

    Steph Curry is Thanos to NBA not LeBron

    this dude has pulled KD, David West, and now Cousins to the Warriors all on pay cuts. It's foot on necks :mjlit:
  15. WMG the 2nd

    Homotional fashionista Russell Westbrook said he’s glad to be solo/ plays la music on instagram

    Lonzo and deng for russ
  16. FAH1223

    Bob Myers aware that Warriors’ championship run will not last forever

    NBA Finals: Bob Myers aware that Warriors' championship run will not last forever OAKLAND – The road to the NBA Finals has not changed for four years. The Warriors arrived here with a front office, coaching staff and All-Star players collaborating for the common good. The Cleveland Cavaliers...
  17. JesusFOREVER

    Chris Paul already recruiting LeBron to the Rockets

    Report: Chris Paul has already begun recruiting LeBron James to Houston Learned from Draymond how to call in the parking lot after Game 7 :pachaha: Harden bout to turn into a darkskinned Sasha Vujacic with a beard :wow:
  18. JesusFOREVER

    Mitch Richmond disses KD

    "Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors...and Kevin Durant" :russ: Rock telling it like it is:wow:, KD a frontrunning traitorous fakkit who nobody respects, especially hall of famers:blessed: Inb4 mad KD stans flood this thread with "b-b-but KD way better than Mitch ever was!" :sadbron...
  19. Illeye buckmatic

    The Myknee Hurting Invitational: Celtics vs Cavs for the ECF Crown

    Both the cavs and celtics made it this far without the young point gawd You may not need him to win the east but the winner will miss him in the finals:wow: The young C's are ready to show its time for a changing of the guard like lebrons clippers:lolbron: But LeBronto wants to power the Cavtors...
  20. G.O.A.T Squad Spokesman

    Sittin' Sidewayz Dem Boys In The Bay: Official Warriors vs. Rockets Western Conference Finals Thread

    Shout out to @CarltonJunior for the title suggestion.