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  1. Wig Twistin Season

    Resurgence of West Coast Gangsta Rap

    Post new heat and slept on releases.
  2. Westbama Heartthrob

    New Glasses Malone Interview With Urbanlegend Will Evans. Speaks on K Dot vs Drake beef, relationship with TDE plus more

    https://www.youtube.com/live/Txyrdf1Yz6M?si=FwWfsSfVTECEDQTG Dope watch :ehh:
  3. Westbama Heartthrob

    In Honor of Recent Events...

    I think it's time we get an official Kendrick Lamar smiley to commemorate the victory :ehh: Any ideas? Personally I got...
  4. Playaz Eyez

    Casey Veggies & Dylvinci - Nostalgia

    Will be the first full length Veggies album I listen to, mostly cause it’s produced by one of my favorite rising producers right now. @ineedsleep212 @Jparker @LevelUp @mrken12 @ThisWorldAintRight @El Jefe @((ReFleXioN)) EteRNaL @THEREALBRAND @Tetris v2.0 @FunkyFresh @Steezy @Ethnic...
  5. E

    WestCoast Wu Sh*t Blaqe Diamond B.O.P. new single

    Dope Rhyme Sayer - Single by Blaqe Diamond
  6. Cadillac

    The Funky Worm is to the West Coast, what Funky Drummer is to the East

    Is it safe to say that? if not, then what song is more influential? not to say they equal because the drummer would be sampled by other acts outside of the east coast(same is the case withh Funky Worm) and is obviously plays a more pioneer role But its breakbeat impact mainly...
  7. pawdalaw

    Cmacc The Crip Actually Has A Banger Cuz, On 5

  8. M

    Charleston White: Cali nikkas are oppressed, there is no economic opportunity for blk ppl out west

    :dead: he goes in from the beginning of the video
  9. JadeB

    LA is grimier than I thought

    I've lived here for a month (Long Beach) and so far this city looks pretty rough for a place said to be full of hopes and dreams. It's really industrial, there's trash everywhere, and some parts just straight up stink. Granted, I only been to the area around Figueroa, Slauson and Florence, Boyle...
  10. Aje

    Suga Free is Criminally Underrated

    I'm guilty of this, as well, too, being a dude from Jersey. It's an acquired tasted (pause), but once you get it, you get it. It helps if you understand how the weather and the vibes is out here, but use your imagination.. Allow me to put you on, broski-yoski: Don't wanna act like an...
  11. JadeB

    The Coli is so biased against Cali

    Y'all be thinking Atlanta and Houston and Chicago can compare to an average city here:mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: No where else can you go to the mountains to the beach to the club all in one day Other place that compares is New York
  12. Playaz Eyez

    G Perico - Lover Boy Slim

    This may be his 3rd release this year. Kinda rock with it cause the lyrics are hilarious given the concept. @NigerianDonDada @King Jaffe Joe @DonKnock @Hiphoplives4eva @shopthatwrecks @Billy Ocean @TezMilli @mobbinfms @dizzy4111 @KingBenji @getmoney310cpt @TheGregReaper...
  13. RJThaGreat


  14. I

    What is the One Defining Song of Each Regional Hip Hop Center?

    If you had to pick one rap song that defined the sound of East Coast, Midwest, Down South, and West Coast rap, what would they be? And why? Whether it's tone, flow, beat, most sampled, etc.
  15. CarltonJunior

    Albums Niko G4 - pLAyer 4ever (Discussion Thread) *Larry June/Dom Kennedy Features*

    If you like that laid back smooth shyt, don't sleep. nikka got some vintage Dom K on this shyt too. :whew: Dude been rapping for a minute but I think he finally found his sound. This shyt is FLAMES :wow:
  16. 987654321

    Am I the only one that feels like Dogg Pound’s “Dillinger & Young Gotti” was an unsung classic?

    I remember getting picked up in my big cousin’s car to go visit his college campus and we stopped by the local music store to get some new music. He grabbed the new Dogg Pound album, and immediately put it in when we got in the car. It was a 2 hour ride and he played it non stop. From the...
  17. Jean Jacket

    Jayo Felony - Whatchu Gonna Do

  18. Jean Jacket

    Singles Nate Dogg - Nobody Does it Better

  19. DatLBCGuy562

    Esses Trying To Orchestrate Attacks On Innocent Black Civilians In Southern California

    Tool up my West Coast brehs. One of these feet smelling, grass cutting, fake paperwork toting midgets run up on me while I'm minding my business with my kids, their fukking Abuela gonna be making arrangements for their wake. I'm not even joking either :demonic:
  20. I

    Hood Accents Across America

    Since this was a topic of discussion for the past few days... Observations - accents are not as thick as you would assume. - some slight regional differences but they were slight. - don't know what it is about Memphis, I can understand them in this video but they lost me a few times...