1. BornStar

    Yoo imaging seeing mfing pit to hell while driving

  2. J

    How could one show have so many baddies acting in it?

    Blood and Water is the name of the show
  3. J

    This PAAG model is 맛있는

    Login • Instagram :ohlawd::whew::sadbron:
  4. BaileyPark31

    How Do Y'all Feel About This DIDDY Situation?

    Genuine question, cuz Twitter been lighting his ass up ever since he wrote that open letter to corporations and Black Robb posting from the hispital. Is Diddy responsible for his current artists situations? Should Diddy be buying houses and paying off medical debt for certain people? Did...
  5. Matt Gaetz whoa

    Matt Gaetz whoa

  6. Another Man

    Just got kicked out a hotel.

    Was rolling hard and threw a sausage gravy biscuit at a female staff members head with my pants off in the hallway. I might get charged. :whoa:
  7. Patrice Whoa

    Patrice Whoa

  8. whoadamn


  9. B

    Choose Better Men

    How can we tell women to "Choose Better" when so many men are masuerading as "Better Men" and "Selling Hoes the dream"? :jbhmm: I'm sure alot of these women choose men who they think are Better Men, but these men end up gaming her. Then we blame her for choosing Horrible Men. Why is that...
  10. Behind-the-wheel

    Realizing ya girls gurrrls are out for the selfie...

  11. troll whoa

    troll whoa

  12. MartyMcFly

    Might Be Getting More Matrix Movies

    Warners Is looking into it Warner Bros Ponders More Of ‘The Matrix’ Lot of "ifs" and "buts" there but I figured this was coming the minute Keanu mentioned he'd be down for it if the circumstances were right. If they're doing it, they really need to holla at the Wachowskis first though. Save...
  13. m0rninggl0ry

    Was "Whoa" the best hiphop song & club banger of all time?

    Sixteen years ago, Whoa!" was the lead single released from Black Rob's debut album, Life Story. "Whoa!" became Black Rob's biggest hit. It narrowly missed the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 43, and reached the top 10 on both the R&B and Rap charts. To date, it remains Rob's...
  14. MC Shan whoa

    MC Shan whoa

  15. Young Fab

    Juvenile "Ha" vs Black Rock "Whoa"

    Which one was y'all fukkin wit more? vs
  16. prophecypro

    Type Sami Zayn into google translate from English to Arabic....

    ...and then copy and paste the Arabic calligraphy answer you get back into Arabic to English and react with a smilie. :sas2:
  17. BBG

    ITT we give a damn about Black Rob

    So I was listening to "Whoa" today and it instantly brought me back to my "coming of age" years...shyt gets me:ooh::damn::blessed::birdman: every time I hear it. It got me thinking though, even though I loved the song, I never checked for any of his other music. Is it worth checking for?:lupe...
  18. J

    You Think You Could Take 49-Year Old "Iron" Mike?

    Power is the last thing to go :wow: That background music tho :mjlol: not that I'd say a gotdamn thing about :whoa:
  19. notPsychosiz

    Youtube 360: Are you guys up on this? shyt is crazy

    There is a whole section of youtube for 360 degree videos where you can click the arrows in the corner while the vid is playing and pan the camera in a full circle or move it up and down. :whoo: I was sleep to this whole section til like yesterday.