1. FAH1223

    Countdown to John Wall leaving the Washington Wizards

    Where does John go in 2019? Based on free agency, the Wizards have zero idea what they're doing. Ernie Grunfeld continues to be the worst GM in the NBA. Where should Wall go to have a chance at becoming a champion???? I'll up this thread periodically between now and July 2019.
  2. FAH1223

    John Wall speaks on Kevin Durant not meeting with the Wizards

    FAIRFAX, Va. -- Nothing is official yet when it comes to Kevin Durant in regards to where he'll play next season, but the Wizards are on the outside looking in while the forward surveys his options outside of the Oklahoma City Thunder. John Wall understands why the hottest free agent this summer...
  3. FAH1223

    John Wall wins NBA Community Assist Award

    :salute: the young man, Coli. That's my PG :to:... One of only three above average NBA players under contract in DC. (Otto and Gortat being the others)
  4. FAH1223

    #KD2DC: Fundraiser to bring Kevin Durant back to Washington, DC this summer

  5. FAH1223

    Wizards and Scott Brooks agree to 5 year $35M contract (Woj)

  6. FAH1223

    Wizards firing Randy Wittman after season according to Fat Elephant Cac

    Ya ALLAH please let Ernie Grunfeld be fired otherwise this firing is useless :mjcry:
  7. FAH1223

    TED LEONSIS CHOSE ERNIE GRUNFAIL OVER #KD2DC: The Official Washington Wizards 2016 Offseason Thread

    So, no playoffs and no draft pick unless they somehow end up in the top 3 of the lottery. Another year, another miserable season for DC's professional basketball team. This is the 29th season out of the last 34 that the Wizards/Bullets haven't gotten 43+ wins. Ernie Grunfeld is still the GM...
  8. FAH1223

    Bradley Beal calls out Wizards teammates, says "we quit"

    :mjlol: Fire Grunfeld!
  9. Black

    "Can Dubs blow em out so bad Ernie FINALLY gets FIRED?" Official Wizards @ Warriors Thread (TNT)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 36-37. They are 2.5 games back of the 8th spot with only 9 games left to play! It looks like the season will end without a playoff berth or a lottery pick in #SoWizards fashion. Will it be enough to have Ted Leonsis finally #FireGrunfeld? We can only pray. The...
  10. FAH1223

    COUNTDOWN to the REMOVAL of the Worst GM in the NBA

    In one tweet Just to remind The Coli once again
  11. FAH1223

    John Wall right knee injury, Wizards season is over

    :snoop: Now Grunfeld has ANOTHER EXCUSE TO STAY ON!!! WTF MAN!!!!!!!
  12. FAH1223

    Bradley Beal is NOT a max player

    He started the year off well. Both his playoff runs have been impressive. But the kid's consistency is driving Wiz fans insane. His flaws remain. He can't draw fouls, he's only a mediocre defender, and he's really not even that great of a shooter. He hasn't even cracked 80% from the FT line...
  13. Wall


  14. aboss4real24

    Durant- "I was loyal, if it come down to that. My deals up in 2016, Ive been here 9 yrs"

    Now that Carmelo Anthony is finally ready to shut himself down for the season, the Knicks’ attention can fully turn to remaking their roster. Though there are plenty of moves to be made in the short term, there’s one huge, fortune-reversing signing out there for the summer of 2016 — and not...
  15. Illeye buckmatic

    Fukk Your Backcourt,Mines Better:Cavs Vs Wizards On ESPN at 8 pm

    @Eye Cue 182 Still think Cavs got the better backcourt:mjlol: