1. JBwow Get It Shawty

    JBwow Get It Shawty

  2. BaileyPark31

    Whoz PAWG Uncle Is This ??

    :flabbynsick: Got the song title wrong as hail too :mjlol: These reviews are killing me :bryan: Here go Foxy without the interruption
  3. BaileyPark31

    Get Vaxd 90x Scambrehs

    Welp.... guess this proves the vaccine is safe :skip: :mjlol:
  4. BaileyPark31

    Toddler Has A Wardrobe Fresher Than Yours

    My toddler son has a £10k designer wardrobe full of Burberry, Gucci and Versace - but I have to shop at Primark. :mjcry: My toddler has a £10k wardrobe full of Gucci & Versace - but I shop at Primark Denver's most expensive items Moncler coat - £380 Gucci all in one tracksuit - £310...
  5. BaileyPark31

    THEY..... Have "discovered" Hair Grease & Bonnets

    I Tried Hair Slugging, TikTok's New Favorite Hair Hack Renee Rodriguez March 9, 2022, 7:03 pm hair slugging what is hair slugging how to hair slug "Hair slugging" is a new beauty hack going viral on TikTok. It involves applying oil to your hair before bed, then putting your hair in a sock...
  6. Mastamimd

    James Brown with a new hairline fresh off the presses

    This is a potential smiley
  7. JadeB

    Walt Disney was warned multiple times to tone down his racism during the 40s

    Even while the Disney studio was making the film, Disney had to be clearly aware that he was risking a negative reaction. Records show that the Production Code Administration had warned him several times about using black stereotypes (Cohen 62). According to Ebony magazine, bandleader Tiny...
  8. KingZimbabwe

    Inside Birdman’s abandoned ‘MTV Cribs’ mansion

    This is crazy :ohhh: This is the same one from MTV cribs Supposedly Hurricane Katrina ruined it and it’s just been sitting dormant for years. Still looks kinda livable :ohhh:
  9. JadeB

    Fear Of A Black Planet: Seven Future Global Demographic Changes

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on the world’s population, two of the world’s most powerful countries, China and the United States, have released troubling new census data. Both countries, it seems, are facing national demographic declines that may soon threaten their...
  10. BaileyPark31

    Anyone Here Ever Do House Arrest?

    How was it? Did you violate? How was your PO? No judgement, just asking.
  11. JadeB

    My city got some of the GOAT parks fr. New York can't even compare!

    Just took this video right now and the view is:banderas: Balboa Park is also dope too. Chilling under the tree next to the pond on a hot summer day:ahh::wow:
  12. BaileyPark31

    Wake-up Calls Pending .........

  13. BaileyPark31

    Video: Wyte Man Beats Cops & Steals Their Truck - (No shots fired!!)

    Don't Do It, Jerry!! :damn:
  14. wow


    rip char
  15. wow2


  16. BaileyPark31

    ** Official 2020 Election Week Fukery Thread **

    I'm sure this is just the beginning :demonic:
  17. WOW jheri curl

    WOW jheri curl

  18. BaileyPark31


  19. White wow

    White wow

    *made by @3rivers
  20. Wow Clubbin

    Wow Clubbin