1. AStrangeName

    [11/9/23] TNA/Impact Wrestling: Aftermath of Turning Point

    TNA finished their tour in the U.K. and is back in Chicago once again
  2. AStrangeName

    [11/2/23] TNA/Impact Wrestling: Back in the U.K.

    It's Thursday and we're back for TNA/Impact Wrestling, but this time returning to the U.K. Turning Point is also this Friday, so tap in y'all when @PharaohAtem has the thread up. Also, the Bound for Glory fallout wasn't aired on TV, so I don't know if the matches will be posted on Youtube...
  3. MushroomX

    Old Dirty Pimp Vince McMahon spotted with Kane and Taker at Fury/Ngannou

    :flabbynsick: Father Time Undefeated
  4. AStrangeName

    [10/19/23] Impact Wrestling: Two days before Bound for Glory

    It's Thursday and we're only two days away from Bound for Glory :blessed: The Bound for Glory thread is already made, y'all. https://www.thecoli.com/threads/10-21-23-impact-presents-bound-for-glory-2023.998745/ Tap in :salute:
  5. AStrangeName

    [10/05/2023] Impact Wrestling ep. 1003: Two weeks before the Glory

    It's Thursday and TSC is back again with a (hopefully weekly) thread of Impact Wrestling
  6. KingBeez

    Rate MJF’s Current World Title Reign [300+ Days] [UPDATE: Close to passing Kenny Omega as longest world title reign in AEW]

    So we’ve finally passed the 300 day mark on MJF’s title reign, and it’s got me thinking that this may be one of the most underwhelming World Title runs in a minute. I’ll say 5-6/10, here’s why: He hasn’t raised the level of the belt whatsoever. It feels like nobody even really wants the thing...
  7. O

    If you had to pick a World Title Run for anyone (Any Generation) who would it be?

    If I’m being honest it’s Shelton Benjamin :myman:
  8. MushroomX

    Goldberg: "I believe my character deserves a proper sendoff."

  9. MushroomX

    Rumor Mill: Codyverse in talks for Movie Roles in Mortal Kombat 2 as Johnny Cage & Zelda

    :mjlol: If this is true, I know this shyt will eat up Miz... since Johnny Cage basically his gimmick.
  10. O

    What Era of Wrestling do you simply don’t care about

    To be honest for me it’s the 80’s- Early 90’s I understand the importance & Impact that these years had but :francis: can’t get into those eras:hubie:
  11. OVER

    The Worst Form Of Gatekeeping In Wrestling

    I just watched this video on youtube. This shyt is horrible how they legit kicked these girls asses and called it training. Dropped kicked her in the face, split her mouth and told her she wasn't being professional:scust:@4:48 I've always hated this idea of chasing people out of wrestling by...
  12. MushroomX

    Jerry Lawler has another Medical Episode

  13. MushroomX

    Ringside News has another Meltdown, including snitching on a favorite strip club WWE wrestlers visit

  14. MushroomX

    Batista's OVW Debut Music Video

    :wow: Evolution is a mystery.
  15. MushroomX

    Tony Khan looking like the Birthday Boy celebrating the day at a Chuck E Cheese

    :mjgrin: That's our PROMOTER OF THE YEAR :pachaha: He gets dibs first on Bozo's Grand Prize Game.
  16. MushroomX

    Disco Inferno throwing shots at WWE's Product in terms of Dakota Kai & Damage CTRL

    :mjpls: So Disco has some choice words... :mjpls: Doesn't agree with the King of Kings decision. :mjpls: I wonder what Road Dogg has to say, since He and Disco love to chat about this shyt.
  17. MushroomX

    Linda McMahon looking to form a Stable with Trump and Kari Lake

    :mjlol: Not surprised Vince wasn't there, since he hates Politicians, but probably Linda looking to get a VP mention in if Trump wins the Primaries in 2024.
  18. Stunned Jey

    Stunned Jey

  19. Christian Cage

    Christian Cage

  20. AJ and Finn

    AJ and Finn