wu tang clan

  1. NoirDynosaur

    Wu Tang Clan & Nas - NY State of Mind Tour

    :ahh: Only person missing is ODB:wow:
  2. Gizza

    Ghostface Killah freestylin at 53 yrs old still sharp like a Ginsu

    What more can I say? :wow:
  3. Rhapture

    Has Asian Hate been stopped?

    You never hear about it anymore
  4. W

    Happy Wu Year. A remix of Wu-Tang's "7th Chamber"

    For my trapped in the 90's nyggas Maybe they could hit a festival stage with this one
  5. Whips-n-Chains

    Which version of "Ghost Deini" is better? Album Version vs. Alternate Version (Ruthless b*stards Piano Loop Beat)

    or Both are serious heat...but the Album version (US Album at least) is such an incredible beat, it has to get my vote. US album version might be my fav song off SC, and I don't think all the samples have even been discovered yet. Where tf did those chimes come from? :banderas: Just...
  6. Playaz Eyez

    Inspectah Deck - Tune Raider Jackin’ Flows 2K

    Inspectah Deck dropping a traditional style mixtape @Heavy_Handz @Xtz23 @BK The Great @FreshAIG @Piff Perkins @hex @Deltron @TEKBEATZ @dubsmith_nz @Billy Ocean @Ty-Fife @RichYung @FreshAIG @~Styles~@Redwing80 @Bickin Back Being Bool @FRIED MASON @T.H.E. Goat @tommy @Morose Polymath...
  7. knnymac

    Anyone else still waiting on Rae to speak Italian?

    Or is it just me? :jbhmm:
  8. Kool Ted

    Which Wu Tang Clan solo albums age real gracefully during this time?

    Thats Liquid Swords by GZA/Genuis age gracefully and im jammin it right this minute on Easter Weekend.
  9. Mastamimd

    RZA compares Nas to chess prodigy Bobby Fischer

    Nas is no stranger to comparisons. Following the release of his classic debut album Illmatic in 1994, seemingly every Hip Hop publication from VIBE to The Source hailed him as the “second coming of Rakim.” But one name Nas has likely never seen himself compared to before is legendary chess...
  10. TheDarceKnight

    Is there an official instrumental for Swordsman by GZA?

    I just saw this Liquid Swords expanded edition, for the 25th anniversary, and the instrumentals for Swordsman and BIBLE are missing. :mjcry: I found these on YouTube, but they’re remakes. We’re the official ones destroyed in RZA’s floods? :damn:
  11. Sankofa Alwayz

    Rare Footage of 90’s NYC Greatness

    Nas showing the audience QB back in 1995 Rare Prodigy interview from 1995 (even talked about one of my fav songs from The Infamous, Trife Life) Rare footage of Wu in the studio before they broke out Stuff from BIG we’ve most likely seen before but it’s always dope seeing him have fun...
  12. TheDarceKnight

    2nd Ghostface appreciation thread this week; the album catalogue :wow:

    :picard: Ghost dropped FIVE albums in a row that are either classic or well over 4 mics. - Ironman, - Supreme Clientele - BulletProof Wallets (especially the OG version leaked on Napster) - Pretty Toney - Fishscale Imagine dropping your 5th solo album (Fishscale) and having a lot of dedicated...
  13. djfilthyrich

    GZA - Liquid Swords Original Samples, Remixes, Blends [MIXTAPE]

    Tribute mixtape celebrating 25 years of GZA's classic Liquid Swords ⚔ OG Samples Blends Remixes Artwork by Che Hinkson Raekwon - OB4CL Vol.2 Tribute coming soon.... YOUTUBE
  14. djfilthyrich

    Remastered '95 Raekwon & Ghostface freestyle

    I remastered this '95 Rae + Ghost freestyle from Joe Clair's radio show (Vocal extraction + re-sync over CDQ instrumental) I'll be adding this to Side A or B of the Raekwon OB4CL Tribute If you missed it, here's Side A of the Purple Mixtape celebrating 25 years of OB4CL 25 Years ago...
  15. Ruck

    Albums 25 Anniversary - Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

    Acknowledge and pay homage.
  16. I'm Blackman

    Wu Tang VS Outkast Versus

    Who yall got? I love the Wu.. I'm a BIG fan. Legendary in every sense of the word. But Kast Goat group to me, so nothing else to be said. :yeshrug: Who yall got?
  17. Carlton Banks

    Should Wu-Tang Clan change their name admist this Chinese Virus pandemic?

    And considering how Africans are being treated in China :jbhmm: Truthfully they should've never used that name to begin with.
  18. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Will second generation Wu-Tang Clan Dave hip-hop in 2020s?

    discuss I’m not familiar with their names or their music so you’ll have to bring your own links :manny:
  19. djfilthyrich

    Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele 20th Anniv Mixtape

    20th Anniversary Tribute mixtape of Ghostface's 'Supreme Clientele', featuring: OG Samples + Flips Blends Rarities + B-sides At the time, I didn't think Ghost would be able to top 'Ironman', especially during the year 2000 when a lot of the albums coming out were watered-down trash. Not...