1. jeh

    Take a Pause from Football 🏈 and watch The Tribal Chief ☝️ confront Logan Paul

  2. Sean O'Haire

    Sean O'Haire

  3. Mike the Executioner

    Which scrapped WrestleMania matches should have happened?

    Matches get cancelled all the time. Guys get injured, or the scheduling doesn't work out. But there are cases where matches change for no apparent reason other than Vince just didn't want to do it. What WrestleMania matches should have happened? For me, my top choice will always be The Rock vs...
  4. Dexter Lumis

    Dexter Lumis

  5. MushroomX

    WWE deadset on putting Vince in an Early Grave

  6. reserved_one

    Clash At The Castle or All Out?

    Which PPV this weekend will be the better show? :sas1: Which one are y’all anticipating more? :sas2:
  7. B.C.B

    Who’s your first fav wrestler? What moment solidified it for you

    And is that person still one of your goats? Mine is Chris Jericho -was my fav wrestler in wcw -lion tamer was first move I could actually do -he went missing for a while and one day I was watching raw back before spoilers and Rest is history AEW Jericho is trash btw
  8. 3Rivers

    Who was the better worker, Brie or Nikki Bella?

    :jbhmm: Brie Nikki
  9. Crying Kid

    Crying Kid

  10. Vice Queen

    Future WWE Superstar....Dwight Howard?

    He was at the tryouts today.
  11. Vice Queen

    Wrestlemania 40 - April 6-7, 2024, Live from Philidelphia, PA

  12. Austin Theory

    Austin Theory

  13. Christian Cage.png

    Christian Cage.png

  14. Wolfpac

    What would a big 3rd North American wrasslin promotion look like in your opinion?

    :jbhmm: :patrice:
  15. Jisoo Stan

    How would you book a New Age Outlaws title run in the next 2 months

    WWE :hula: aew
  16. MushroomX

    Delete Thread, Similar Thread Made.

    Delete/Merge, I didn't see a thread for this already.
  17. Critical


  18. jeh

    The Visionary vs The American Nightmare: WWE Hell in A Cell

    Live From The Sold Out Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois the 14th annual Hell In A Cell Premium Live Event The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes vs The Visionary Seth "Freakin" Rollins Triple Threat Match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship Bianca Bel Air(C) vs Asuka vs Becky Lynch Liv, AJ...
  19. MushroomX

    It's time for Chris Jericho to come on home

    :flabbynsick: You can't hide forever from father time.
  20. Vice Queen

    Freddie Prinze Jr. Wants to Start a Wrestling Promotion