1. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne Says He Will Debut New Single At WrestleMania XL During "WWE Raw" Appearance

    Lil Wayne was in the building at Monday Night Raw yesterday (April 1st) in Brooklyn, where he announced some big news! While backstage at WWE Raw, professional wrestler Jey Uso invited Wayne to the 40th annual WrestleMania later this week, which will be taking place at the Lincoln Financial...

    What's your Generational Faction looking like brehs? :jbhmm:

    Added caveats to make things interesting: - Are they a babyface or heel faction? -Are they primarily on Pi'Raw or #SDSet :lupe: - Who's the leader? - Who are your WWF (E), World, IC/US, or Tag Champs? - Chosen wrestlers from the specific era have to match the faction alignment - It's not...
  3. MushroomX

    WWE Classic: Kurt Angle fires off a Tranq round at The Big Show

    :laff: Tagged and Bagged the Big Show, which led to him getting his head shaved.
  4. THE 101

    Raw is going to Netflix for 5 billi

  5. Easy-E

    Good opinion piece on why the WWE should shutdown it's PC.

    I read it twice...makes me think of all the NXT ppl we want to get called up already. Especially the ones with zero experience before WWE/NXT. Cliffs WWE is in trouble in 15 years when the starts of the Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression era are too old to come back. WWE is also in trouble when...
  6. Mike the Executioner

    This Charlotte/Becky segment was comedy gold.

    I didn't appreciate it enough five years ago. This was like the modern-day equivalent to Undertaker beating up David Flair. :russ: -Charlotte trying to give a legitimate motivational speech to the women there. -Becky coming in and talking shyt like Charlotte's not trying to do a public...
  7. O

    Your Wrestling MVP’s of 2023

    WWE: Jey Uso/Bianca Belair AEW: Swerve Strickland/Toni Storm Stardom: Giulia
  8. Vice Queen

    I Don't Know Where to Put This, So F It: A Thread aka the T$C Year End Awards

    Inspired by the Public Enemies: Throw some more categories up and let's get some discussion started, I'm trying to drown out the intrusive thoughts.
  9. Kane

    Is this CM Punk?

    Or am I trippin 🤔
  10. MushroomX

    Old Dirty Pimp Vince McMahon spotted with Kane and Taker at Fury/Ngannou

    :flabbynsick: Father Time Undefeated
  11. CBoz

    [10/7/23] WWE Fastlane Official Thread

    Live from the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana LA Knight & John Cena vs Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing Match Seth "Freakin" Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Women's Championship - Triple Threat Match Asuka vs IYO Sky vs Charlotte...
  12. Dog Based Gremlin

    [9/2/23] WWE Payback Official Thread Live from Pittsburgh, PA

    Time for me to get up and finally go to one of these ppvs again.....maybe :wow: Predicting the card before anything happens Seth Rollins (c) vs Logan Paul Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso Cody Rhodes vs heel Drew McIntyre Rhea Ripley (c) vs Raquel Gonzalez Charlotte Flair (c) vs Bianca Belair...
  13. The Prince of All Saiyans

    On this day __ years ago

    “No not Mae young :smh:” I think I actually got to see this one live and :dead:
  14. jeh

    Climb The🪜Ladder, Grab The 💼 Briefcase: WWE Money In The Bank PLE July 1, 2023 3E/12P London, England O2 Arena. Drew McIntyre Back! John Cena Back!

    WWE Money In The Bank Will Be Live From The O2 Arena In London, England Women’s 2023 Money in the Bank Ladder Match Men’s 2023 Money in the Bank Ladder Match Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Finn Bálor (World Heavyweight Championship) Roman Reigns & Solo...
  15. NoMorePie

    [6/5/2023] RAW: Seth Rollins defends against Damian Priest. Seth Rollins and Will Osprey continue to tease eachother

    Live from Hartford, CT Let's get it
  16. NoMorePie

    MY FUTURE BABY MAMA Jaida Parker Appreciation Thread

    Help me
  17. RARI_Godwind

    Tribal Chief Vs. Cerebral Assassin: Reigns Of Terror

    What’s up Bodyslamming Brehs Just lowkey got back into the sht and I need help understanding: How/why is Roman Reigns title run not as bad or worse than Triple H’s reign of terror? I saw the later half of Triple H run from about 2004-2005 but as a kid it didn’t seem too out of place for me and...
  18. Reality Check

    Bullet Club Day: 10th Anniversary

    Didn't see it elsewhere but it's the 10th anniversary of when the group was founded and arguably changed the entire industry. Guessing we'll see something BC related tonight on Dynamite, but
  19. MushroomX

    Goldberg: "I believe my character deserves a proper sendoff."

  20. O

    Is it time for a Baddest Current Women In WWE Tournament?

    We living in unprecedented times where the women in WWE ain’t just blondes with bolt ons:wow: From the Main Roster to NXT to Announcers to Referees:wow: And just for the fukkery:mjgrin: @2 Cold Taurus