1. 7th Letter Specialist

    Any streamers here?

    I was watching that Spider Man 2 trailer and in the middle of being blown away I thought to myself: :dwillhuh: Aside from probably playing w/ my kids, I don't really care to actually PLAY games like that anymore. Sure, I still love the culture and I may..or may not cop a 5 one of these days...
  2. RhodyRum

    Prank a Walmart Tyson Chandler In Walmart Brehs

    It might take one of these pranking ass idiots to literally bleed out and die on camera for this nonsense to end. I just hope I get to see it :demonic:
  3. Tair

    Any of y'all watch Mr. Nightmare?

    I have been watching his videos most of the day and now I am slightly paranoid. :snoop:
  4. Midnight Marauder

    Discovering the Blackest Countries Beyond Africa

    Other countries with a high black population outside of Africa:ehh: Some countries on this list may be surprising For Passport bros that want to explore their options:sas1: If you have any stories or experiences about the black culture in these countries feel free to drop in
  5. Midnight Marauder

    Stephanie Mills on Dating Michael Jackson, Mike Dating White Women as a Career Move

    Mike was repping PAWGSET on the low? :jbhmm:
  6. Midnight Marauder

    Man catches woman who robbed him in Colombia

    To catch a city girl:pachaha: Watch for more
  7. Midnight Marauder

    Homeless Coli Breh from the skreets goes on a date

    This is wildddddddd Dude started from doing random shenanigans on the subway to bagging alternative thots :deadrose::deadrose::deadrose::deadrose::deadrose:
  8. Midnight Marauder

    Curse Of Ham: The Origin Of How It Applied To Black People

  9. KRayner

    Y’all remember the lip syncing ginger midget cac? He died.. (Keenan Cahill) damn only 27, rip
  10. Midnight Marauder

    Afro Brazilians that they don't show on TV!

  11. Midnight Marauder

    Misty Stone “All Male Porn stars are gay” + Sword fighting in my mouth

  12. FAH1223

    NFL in advanced talks with Google’s YouTube for “Sunday Ticket” package

  13. JadeB

    Are these Youtubers c00ns?

    I discovered them through their movie reactions and I thoroughly enjoyed it but then they started reacting to conservative sources to keep "an open mind":jbhmm: I don't even be giving these conservative thinkers the time of the day cause I know it's bullshyt so how come a normal-looking Black...
  14. 2022-11-04_11-29-33.png


  15. Midnight Marauder

    Aromanticism - Repulsed by the idea of romance

  16. BlackJesus

    The Asian Kevin Samuels y’all

    He even has the “Good Lies” theme song playing :dead:
  17. Midnight Marauder

    Youtube Brownskin Comedian Chick with Nice Melons

  18. Ruck

    Coryxkenshin sheds light on Youtubes :mjpls: towards Black content creators

    Cory carries a lot of weight on the platform. He's been my favorite youtuber and I have been following the young breh for 7 years. But this some hoe ass shyt youtube be doing to this man. A lot of other content creators are chiming in. When dude posts videos, his numbers do 3-7 million+...
  19. Danny Vermin

    Delusional Jamaican Youtube Breh Goes Off: Mag Bam Truth Appreciation Thread

    Y’all ever heard of this Jamaican conspiracy theorist on YouTube called Mag Bam Truth? This nikka is hilarious and fully delusional. I be watching his videos dying of laughter. :mjlol: Here are a few examples of his paranoid fukkery:
  20. FAH1223

    NBA cracking down on YouTube channels showcasing full games from the 1970s to 2000s

    Some of my favorite channels just wiped out. :mjcry: The vintage commercials too. Shid! What a disaster :snoop: