[12/7/22] AEW Dynamite Live from Austin: Acclaimed/FTR, Joe/Darby, Dynamite Diamond Ring, and more

Reality Check

Keepin' it 100
May 2, 2012
Who the fukk is the captain?

Shawn Dean, who funny enough has a 2-0 record against MJF in 2022

Ricky BEEN waiting for this :wow:

You could tell he was itching to have this moment and he nailed it.

:dame: Billy going to be asking why his boys got that shyt in their stockings.

Never would have thought that the end of this year would see Billy fukking Gunn this popular and involved in a main event segment.

My son, Absolute Ricky Starks. :mjcry:

I hate that this feud is MJF’s first, because that the type of Promo that turns into a moment in time after they win the big belt

IMO he should be the one to get the TNT title next. Let him rock with it for a while since MJF's reign has just started