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Apr 30, 2012
So a few months ago I sent brook an email about all things concerning The Coli.

He finally responded...

I don't want to put the homie business out there but just know he's been dealing with a lot lately internally, physically, and with those around him.

Pray for him...

The site wasn't abandoned or sold to Cacs

He's still the owner but with all the personal bullshyt he's been dealing with he had to get himself right and he said he's now in a better place overall.


He said there's no need for donations at this time and he knows that there've been errors on the site and he will be getting them fixed.

Registration will be open and he understands the concerns if it is or isn't open. He did say he wanted to grow the community.

Upgrades are coming (Per his words)

I'ma add all the latest and greatest features, start back doing dope giveaways, add more mods...just bring the site back to greatness y'all deserve it.

He said the upgrades will happen 1st then he will open registration. So let's give time to cook. He said the update will happen within a month or so.

Sticky this please @Brooklynzson

No daps or rep needed


Edit 1

I have no fukking need to lie about this. He sent me a long ass email.

I'll let this thread cook for a couple of days and put all of the updated suggestions in the follow up email

Edit 2:
I'm not posting the email he sent me. I'm not even editing it and posting it. Just know he's going thru shyt and he's starting to get better.

I will post the email I sent initially if yall want to see it.
  • Hi Brook,

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve been taking suggestions from the thread pinned in TRL. Below seems to be most important to the users.

    1 Site help:

    Breakfussallstar, supremexking, and Dr.Acula would like to help with maintenance of the site. They all stated in the thread that they have a background in tech.

    2 Software/Updates

    I always scroll to the bottom of the page to see if the software has been updated lately. This version of XenForo hasn't been supported since 2019. I'm pretty sure that V2 of XenForo has all the functions folks been looking for.

    Permanent Bans has to be a thing on the list.
    Bring back the purge and have a permanent ban! Yearly

    Would it be possible to have Kobe (purple & gold) & MJ (black & red) Coli theme's?

    Bringing back the search function in threads like they used to have is a good idea.

    Custom smilies please.

    Please add verified tags!

    I hope you implement live posting again that was pure fukkery in the sport's section

    I hope they bring back the feature where you could log off of multiple devices at once without having to go back on that particular device to log off.

    Also can we get the option of deleting our own threads like other Xenoforo sites enables you too. It'll be easier than @ a mod or DMing one to get it deleted

    He'll bring back the front page. That what attracts alot of people to this site.

    Bigger profile pics that allows animated gifs

    No nude or NSFW gifs

    The Booth/ mod suggestions

    @Morethan1 if you talk with brook ask him can he appoint more people to assign music and the rate and review section. Cause they are alot of tip tier booth posters that wanted to do that awhile back. Also I say this because it'll be slow moving if a poster become inactive having at least 20 - 30 people doing this will get it moving (there's only 4 ppl that hella active). I still don't get why Brook did appoint the Booth mods to do this. Otherwise you'll have a situation like Hustlemania where he's been inactive and the section was null for a minute and the stuff that was supposed to be assigned wasn't getting assigned in that section or posted. Until me and others started shaking that fukking table again

    More Booth and site involvement when showcasing the artists and producers here. (More tournaments, contests, Tunnel threads stickied in the booth, banners, etc....)

    Open registration

    Mods, Mods, and More mods

    Make a New Member area and make it so that you can't leave there until you have 100-500 posts

    - A multi-step verification process for registration. Including a picture of the person holding their username


    Make @Rhakim a mod

    He deserves that role more than anyone.
    I don’t agree with everything he says but I like his approach to communicate his disagreement with me as well as others.

    If you're talking HL them he'll yeah I agree. It's been a dud for years.

    The booth mods suggestion’s Jordanwearinthe 45, Ziggly, and Deltron

    The Locker room mods suggestions BmoreGorilla, Rawtid, and Coco Loco

    The Coliseum morethan1,Rammerjammer, and South paw

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Nov 26, 2014
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