Anybody ever gotten a MRI for a general screening?

Discussion in 'The Locker Room' started by Marc Spector, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Cuz im seriously thinking of getting one.

    For about the past year now I've been feeling somethings off. Cant quite put my finger on it. I get brain fog a lot more often it seems. And once every blue moon my leg will jerk uncontrollably. :hamster:

    Mind you this all could be nothing at all. shyt could be just getting older:yeshrug: (I'm 30 now). And the good news is nothing is seemingly getting progressively worse.

    However i wouldn't mind an MRI just to know for sure. Ive never had one.

    Anybody know if insurance normally covers them? do they take awhile? are they nerve wracking?
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    You can't really get a 'general' MRI. They're for specific regions of your body, and a doctor has to order/prescribe one for that specific region. Either you or the facility doing the MRI will call your insurance for pre-authorization. If you have good insurance and the MRI is medically necessary you might just have to pay whatever the "specialist" co-pay is for your insurance out of pocket, that's it. But, medically necessary is key; your doctor has to 'prescribe' the MRI which means you have visited your doctor a couple of times about whatever you're getting the MRI for (back pain, neck pain, etc...) and they weren't able to find out what was causing it through X-Rays, general time passing, or other means...

    You might be able to benefit from a CAT scan but I don't see how an MRI on any area of your body... other than maybe the leg that twitches, but even then that's a stretch... would help you figure out what's going on

    I know there are walk-in facilities in a lot of cities that do MRIs for cash, "stand-up MRIs", etc... but even then you may need to have a doctor's order, and general brain fog isn't going to be a reason for it unfortunately.

    It's good that you're trying to be active in figuring out what's going on, but I don't think an MRI would help you
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