Anyone hear about Johnnie Ray? (cac singer from the 50s)

Drinky Crow

I like the one that says shum pulp
Jun 19, 2019
I was going through a box of records I got and there was this single (side b):

I looked the guy up, turns out he was a deaf farm boy from Oregon who moved to Detroit to sing and play piano (he got a hearing aid),

On top of that, he was everything cacs want you to think Elvis was:
  • He openly called for total desegregation
  • He would always mention how Black people fed, clothed, and saved his life
  • Gave to charities and started a school for the deaf as soon as he got his first big check
  • In a more :dame: fact, his early demo was confused as being one from a Black woman :hubie: and he wasn't from Harlem :manny:
  • He was also the first sad whiny cac who ever cried and had panic attacks on stage, respect :skip:
  • He was a personal friend of the Black writer of his 1951 hit, "Cry", Churchill Colman

Here's a documentary about him, kind of :dame:

The man is pretty interesting and the music is something