BREAKING: Trump looking fwd to the Perp walk. Has been DJing parties at Mar-a-lago. #MAGA boys up. :mjlol:


May 18, 2012
Waiting for this shyt is worse than waiting for Christmas:mjcry:



Jul 25, 2018
Hilary Clinton is a shoe-in going into election day!

James Comey is gonna bring Trump down!

Trump's gonna be impeached!

Manhattan's Chief Prosecutor is set to arrest Trump on Tuesday!

And on and on the media goes feeding the people the soap opera they want to hear for their ratings between the issues listed above and all points in between. And every last one has never come to fruition.

When is the American public gonna get fed up already with both an ineffective government that loves nothing but to feed you political theater and break virtually every damn promise they make to their constituents, and a ratings / clicks driven media that is all to happy to play along with them all to the bewilderment of the American people?

Both sides?

You're fukking right it's both sides, now go do something productive with your cheerleading ass instead of trying to brainwash the masses into your cult of apathy towards the voters.

I'm talking to both sides


It's only Democrats that have to hear these shallow speeches from Trump apologists.

Go to the Trump base ready for bloody revolution like the sky is falling right now, and go tell them to stop cheerleading for Trump, stop defending his corruption and legal issues, stop worrying about elections or who wins, both parties are the same. They will curse your ass out of town and tell you to get your black ass outta here. You won't find one "free thinker" to fool into your smart-dumb propaganda. Just passionate people dedicated to serving and participating in their democracy. It's only liberals and particularly black voters who are told they are ignorant if they are not agreeable and passive to conservatives. Wonder why. Maybe it worked on you but not all of us are as easily fooled.

You're right, we do have a government and criminal justice system that gives visible privilege to the rich, saves face, and didnt know how to be effective against a brazenly corrupted elected President for the first time. Yes I'm sure this government plays an active role in covering up shyt in order to maintain stability and avoid spcial unrest, and I doubt the Trump white house was any expection. But after January 6th this government, and this media doesn't owe this psychopath shyt. Republicans at this point are secretly rooting to finally wipe their hands clean of this clown without having to admit they wells dead wrong and move forward to 2024.

Them charges is coming playboy. That trial is coming breh Im getting that mugshot of fat b*stard printed on a shirt and rockin it to work. All the useless obstructions from Trumps legal team has ran dry. Republicans cant do shyt about state charges but whine and cry to Fox News.

He's facing the law man. This aint some Trump DOJ Republican special investigation. This ain't a stunt. Whether he ultimately gets thrown in the pen or not is neither here nor there, as long as coronavirus, two impeachments (not sure why you even listened that), Jan 6th, one term, desperate attempt at reversing an election, criminal charges, and a nice mugshot is his final legacy and place in the history books for future generations too know, Im good with what this has come to. The fact you still giddy about "Hillary lost! the media was wrong rofl!" shows me what time you on. You MAGAs are not hard to read when you tryna sound like objective critics.

I am VERY happy, as a black man, to see what was a very real white supremacist movement of our government coming to this. Just an embarrassing and humiliating indictment of their entire ideology. Clearly you a lil disappointed and downplaying this with psuedo intellectual garbage. You damn right I will cheer for the worst that can ever happen to this white power cac who fukked up this country. All the time. Every time. And I dont give a fukk if my enthusiasm pisses off some cac, Republican, or Trump apologist "both sides the same. The media just wants ratings" phony intellects.
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