Christopher Nolan says there’s concern of content disappearing from streaming services.” Don’t get rid of physical media.

Scustin Bieburr

Baby baybee baybee UUUGH
May 3, 2012
We're probably on track to enter the second golden age of online piracy.

The story of streaming companies and digital content is a great microcosm of the flaws inherent to capitalism as an economic system. If your goal is to make as much money as possible, is it logical to allow people to buy a product once and then have it for as long as they want, or to make them pay for it every month and then remove it, then put it in another tier of the subscription service with a higher price?

That's the next stage. Soon you'll get $50 a month tiers of streaming but it includes more content than you get in the lower tiers. They'll also force ads into the lower tiers as well to push people into buying the higher priced subscription. There's no such thing as "enough" for these companies because they have to GUARANTEE returns to their shareholders. To that end, a company cannot just be successful, it has to have higher and higher returns so share holders get greater and greater dividends. To that end, quality doesn't matter, worker retention doesn't matter, nothing else matters besides the share price going up and dividends going up.

If 'Economics' was a subject taught from 6th-12th grade, we'd likely already have another economic system at this point because people would not be cool with the fact that these companies are expected to grow infinitely and it creates the kind of incentives that lead to shyt like this. Stop printing physical media? you can tell your share holders how much money you've saved by not paying factories to print that shyt. They don't care about the jobs that will be lost, all that matters is the line going up.

By doing anti-consumer shyt like this, they put a battery in the back of people who will just get that shyt for free and block ads while they're at it.


Dreams Are Colder Than Death...
Apr 30, 2012
I saw a tweet about how Special Features being a missing component of streaming media vs physical media is causing filmmakers to lose filming techniques.
That’s the thing I miss. Bought the deluxe blu-ray Godfather trilogy specifically for the Coppola narration. I think I watch that more than the movie itself