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Mar 11, 2017
Since getting banned from the Coli Dr X has made quite a few accomplishments that he wants to share with you all.

He finally has his own trucking company with his own 18 wheeler that he's leasing to own. It's a nice truck. It's red and I got to see it when he drove through Texas to drop off a load. His latest load was $12,180 to California. Next time he's out here we're going to see MVP Ja Morant sitting real close to the action.

He's started on a graphic novel titled "Hell on Earth". He's planning on turning it into a film. He's also published an adult coloring book. He sent me a free copy last year. I think he even put up a few pages that I colored on his IG page.

He's started a clothing and shoe line with his cousin.

He has an art picture called "Black Jesus" that's been selling online internationally. Blavity.com did a report on that piece so check it out.

That's pretty much it. He says he doesn't care about the coli anymore.

Sagat rhymes with fakkit.

That's all.

" This is DrX y'all. Good evening gentlemen. Longtime no talk. I appreciate my buddy and dear friend starting this thread. I've moved on from the coli. Its going on 4 years since I was banned, yikes! Time does fly.

I'm doing very very well financially and somewhat ok mentally. I have my good days and bad days.

It's been one hell of a journey these last 3 years since I was banned. I've grown alot. From a little dirty 'Buffalo Kid ' to a struggling adult, I was able to finally find my niche and live up to my potential.

As some of you may know I come from a city named Buffalo Ny. A city that's cold literally and figuratively. I have a very volatile relationship with my hometown but it made me who I've become and becoming...

I just want to say hello to you guys and thanks for keeping me in yall memories. I see yall haven't forgotten about little o me yet huh?

I lost some close people in 2021 and one being my first cousin. His murder gave me the confirmation of how cold this society is. I've always been cynical as you know but the little optimism I have left died with him. Sweet kid didn't deserve to die on a cold corner left on the streets like that.

It's a cold world for us young black men. My message isn't 'fukkery' but a positive one.

Young Brothers stay focused , stay sharp and move with precision like a soldier because some of us that made it to 2022 won't be making it out. Like Obie Trice said in the song 'Wake Up

" Bad news my n___, pass the brew
Cause in a week we be pouring a glass for you"

Stay disciplined and have tunnel vision. I put the weight of my family on my back everyday because I know its up to me to break the generational curses. My sacrifice is so the foundation will be set for the future generations of children.

I used to be such a afraid naive young man but now I'm bigger and stronger. I walk the streets and see alot of distressed individuals. So try to test me and they always fail because I'm surrounded by angels to accompany
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May 1, 2012
yeah I noticed all none of those he’s been mentioned almost daily on here :mjlol: