Finished 25B (ArmyIT) School, what’s next?


Djibouti is where it’s at
Mar 11, 2022
Officially received my first cert. I reclassified from warehousing to IT specialist. I’m a reservist so I won’t get much hands on after complete this school. In my unit I just make sure everybody has their ARnet access.

I’m thinking I will get my A+ ASAP. Security+ by the end of the summer and possibly net plus after. Also, I’m 5 classes from my AA in information technology.

Anybody has advice for me as to what I should complete next? My end goal is to have a remote IT job making 72K+. I’m working my logistics job until then. I head to Okinawa next week. I’m tired of rotating. It’s hard with two little ones.

I work 90 days and am off 90. Ideally, I want to get some experience next year to build the resume. I can also pick up orders at my unit to gain some experience and add fluff.

Once I finish my AA I plan on transferring to WGU and finish my degree in cybersecurity with them.

Thoughts? Thanks.