"I don't date ADOS/FBA men. I DON'T want Coffee dates. I wan't courtship and MARRIAGE NOT CRUMBS."

Samori Toure

Apr 23, 2015
Bet a cac who works construction and missing a tooth can hit for free though :sas2::sas1:
Meaning no disrespect to her, but how many African American broahs would approach her anyway?

Some how some kind of way the message in the streets has gotten twisted. Some how some kind of way people think that African Americans are open to dating a lot of different people from different backgrounds. That is not true. African American men pretty much only date and marry African American women. African American women pretty much only date and marry African American men. Now you have small minorities within both groups that date people of different races and cultures, but by and large African American men and women basically only date each other.

So she has nothing to worry about. :pachaha:


Mar 11, 2022
These some OD generalizations.

"Afrocentric features."

I mean... the coffee date is kinda lame by itself, but it's practical and cost efficient.
Problem is having the coffee date and not transitioning to brunch after the coffee date.
Matter of fact, the coffee date should be the introduction to link up on the way to brunch.

Walk and talk to the next spot, pick shorty brain.
Get a lil somethin' to eat and if you ain't feelin' shorty, you spent 'bout a C-note and it's on to the next.

She not mad at the men, she mad at the lack of effort and creativity.
But she askin' a lot on the first date. Chances if issa easy bag to get her on the first date there was no effort on her part.
Kinda imply she gotta low bar too... and expect men to cater to her needs early... when nobody know each other...
That's why issa first date, shorty...


He didn't work for the date, he not gonna work to make it special. You get what you give...
True, shorty should be lookin' for more outta her dating experiences, but she gotta check herself and she don't want to.
She want dudes checkin' for her so she won't check herself.


Issa reason you only gettin' the coffee date. It was easy to get you on the date, issa assumed bag and tag. And we on to the next.

She can't see the coffee date is for jump offs and won't adjust her reception to the approach, so instead of uppin' her game she dump on ABM.

...*shrug* these the birds y'all flock to and simp for?
Oh, yeah...


You know, that was a word right there…

Some don’t quite make the full connection.

The fact that the coffee date was offered in the first place could possibly be a moment for introspection. *

*I say this as someone who has stated that I wouldn’t be offended by the offer, but haven’t been on a coffee date. We’ve discussed this here before tho; there are other creative, simple/inexpensive things folks can do. But hey :yeshrug:if you make a connection you’ll do other fun stuff anyway

**If it’s a true blind date then a coffee/tea date should completely be an option tho :ufdup:

That being said, Black women have definitely checked this chick as well. This would be like us talking shyt about Jamaican or Nigerian men. This was divisive and completely unnecessary.


God forgives, you are forgiven.
Aug 19, 2014
Bay area
These broads stay trying to get FBA men's attention.
You know what’s funnier? If this thread were about an fba/afram woman saying how she doesn’t want non aframs, this thread would be deep with people airing out their grievances towards the entire ethnicity :laugh: