It Brehs who who make more money and have more responsibility how stressful is your job?


Apr 30, 2012
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I can go weeks literally working 1 hour the entire week (not day).

Literally have gone a week working zero hours. I'd say the most common is about 1-5 hrs/week (again, not day).

However, I've also had days where I've been working the full 8 hours and a little extra late at night.

Overall, much more chill. It'll be different for different companies. While I'm clearing $100k easy, I know I can get paid much more somewhere else, but again I work zero hours a week sometimes so that's an insane per-hour salary.

There's also a factor of expertise: I know the codebase. In my opinion know Javascript and Golang very well and am picking up Rust nicely. I can normally fix issues quickly and go right back to chillin. The longer I work somewhere, the easier the job gets and the less hours I spend working. I can see an easy issue some people know nothing about, slap a multiple day estimate on it and chill.

That's the great thing about tech: the more you know the more efficient you become.
Please don’t make day and a life TikTok on this :damn:

I’ve done the same in the past, but now I have a few more jobs coming my way.

I don’t mind because I gotta build out my reps regarding projects that I can take on and do. But I’m still typically done working hard by 11am.

Afterwards are meetings, then I’m around 2pm. I’m just cruising with my computer on YouTube tutorials, while I sleep, play 2k or browse the coli until 5-6pm.

It’s crazy because I can’t believe I get paid for this shyt.


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Mar 11, 2022
Please don’t make day and a life TikTok on this :why:
:heh: :lolbron:

To be fair, my job was hard af when I first got here, I was struggling bad :wow:

When I got there the team consisted of nothing but juniors on the front end with the back end working overseas. The codebases were a wreck. They didn't have a single full stack engineer until I got there and was able to fix problems on both ends.

I basically spent my first year or two refactoring plenty of code to the point it's as scalable and easy to work with as it is now. Dang near had to use everything I learned from S.O.L.I.D/Clean Code by Bob Martin, Haskell/FP, etc. to get it to that point.

They didn't have a single integration test on their front end and I had to basically lift the entire codebase up and write one underneath it while their back end had so many failing tests they were ignoring that I had to basically rewrite the main test suites there as well.

Basically all the coasting we can do now was because of all the refactoring and hours spent getting it to the point that some automated systems out there can now catch regressions that were blowing everything up. For me in particular, having to write all those tests and refactoring the code made me get a real deep understanding of not only the codebases but the domain as well. I definitely know I can get paid more elsewhere, but I know I'd have to start all over again so I’m waiting for the right opportunity to present itself to.
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