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Discussion in 'The Tunnel' started by GPBear, Apr 1, 2019.

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    In my opinion, there's only so many genres that hip-hop hasn't touched upon yet: country, heavy metal, and punk. As a producer, I'm interested in sampling shyt nobody has before, and I always wondered what a beat made from country records might sound like. That "Horses In The Back" just blew the fukk up, and it's April Fool's day (when random fukkery usually occurs) so I felt it would appropriate to throw together a short experimental tape to try it out. Jon Wayne is one of my favorite emcees from the new generation, John Wayne was a famous Western film star, so combining his acapellas with the beats just made sense.

    Anyways, hope y'all enjoy. I got some other beat tapes on the way, peace.
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