Kevin Durant is trending on Twitter for not believing in lotion. Edit Kevin responds: “fukk y’all”

Gil Scott-Heroin

He, him, his, nxgga
Apr 30, 2012
Still an incel who hasn’t accomplished shyt in life :lolbron:

Broke boyyyy. Give thanks to your superiors.
Oh look, more projection.


Nate vs. Jake Paul:
Good looks breh

betting on the all pro athlete any day
RIP to your pockets if this is the logic you're working on.
Its really a crapshoot and low risk high reward for me. Nate is def conditioned as hell and I trust his conditioning and athletic abilities over Jake. And I’m sure Nate has put in mad work with trainers.

jake got washed by KSI FYI
Low risk high reward?

How do you figure that when Nate's at +140? If you acknowledge it's a crapshoot, then you'd want Nate to be at greater odds than that. It's some square ass shyt to bet on this.

That's all well and good, but boxing is a combat sport - it don't mean a cotdamn thing how conditioned or athletic Nate is if he can't fight. That cracka has about a 10cm height advantage and has been training/boxing for a lot longer than Nate has.

You're confusing Logan with Jake. Logan was the one who fought KSI, and he's even bigger than Jake.
lmao@ being a square for betting. A stupid comment and the dumbest shyt I’ve heard today but I digress lol. Low risk for me because $100 isn’t really shyt to me :ld:

But bruh why you so mad about this lmao, I really could care less, I feel like Nate will win, if he doesn’t, who cares? Key word you said, “IF” Nate can’t fight. We shall see if he can..

I may just be $200 now :umad::banderas:
Broke boy, in deed.