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Apr 30, 2012
The Coli
@KushSkywalker vs @Ugo Ogugwa

  • Audio must be submitted before Sunday Sept 13th at Midnight EST
  • You must mention your opponent's Coli screenname atleast once on the track
  • Please use a decent site to host your audio such as Soundcloud. No Vocaroos
  • Support your fellow Coli brehs and vote/comment on the other matchups
  • Polls go up once both MC's post their track
  • Do not reply to this thread until both opponents have posted their audio.

Lets get it :salute:


Walker Lexus Ranger
Jun 9, 2012
Little background, Ugo real name is Emeka, he claims Houston but he really from Missouri City, and his rap name is Mecca Shogun.

I show guns to Mecca Shogun, bend him over no homo,:dame:
he turn into a big bytch he Rebecca Lobo,
I leave em stretched when I air em like the MJ logo,
then I bounce with the stick, and it aint never pogo,
I been a pro though, ak with bipedals open, he would never know though,
is it Emeka or mecca? guess don't know,
no gun on me thats a no no,
flash like I snapped a photo,
strapped everywhere I roll thats a Go Pro,
in real life I'm in the man, in real life he got way too much time on his hands,
someone post about you you quick to writing a jam,
Ugo have a song up in 5 minutes damn,
its the middle of the day whats its like to stand around all day waiting for someone to name drop you?
it's 12 noon but that aint stop you,
I aint playin so we trading Ima GameStop you,
now the game stops too,
who better than Kush? who knows,
I gotta spell it out I follow where ever U GO,
two toned leathers in ya city, pretty bytch wit me you could never get me, you probably rocking fools gold,
even my son better than you though,
and he aint even two though,
he only knows a couple words but I say "Ugo a bytch" he say "true though",
you getting caught I'm pulling ya last card just say uno,
King of similes, literally,
I aint talking his city when I be saying I leave him in misery/Missouri,
creepin up with mad arms like a centipede,
fold his bytch in half she finally a centerpiece,
chop her into little pieces tittys out in Tennesee,
p*ssy out in Mississippi,
fingers out in Killingly,
legs in a sewer drain below JF Kennedy,
arms found in a field before ya local little league,
now you got bytches everywhere, Ugo I aint never scared,
I'm at ya door while you liven there,
it aint no biggie I could kick in ya door,
clicking the four,
its either kiss my feet or you lickin the floor,
lets not make this black in white,
because I'm blacken right?
and white is wrong and black is right, right?,
well whatever black is writing I'm exposing like like a blacklight,
when the mag light it aint a flash light,

I'm the reason ya daughter is half white,
you ain't hangin off top but you still act tight, (stalactite)

those memories ain't real it's like a past life
ya man a stop(manners stop) frontin so why you even act nice,
you gotta lotta stans that sorta discourage me,
I could already see the bag like airpot security,
got a lots multis b but that shyt don't worry me,
cause I got em too and these punches they comin in flurries n,
all these rappers be scurrying hurrying outta the building I'm comin in they never expected the degree that Im sonnin him,
I'm lovin it, and thats that, all them whack raps, you ain't seein me not even for a second this ain't Snap Chat,
Eat these rappers man I need a bib, did I kill? plead the fifth,
You Jarded Fogle you wish you see the kid,
Let him live Kush, don't think I respect em,
Ima check em, It ain't Hajj when I bring it to Mecca

Ugo Ugugwa, do you not understand what I would do to ya?,
Yes Ima a CAC, well when this c-a-c air a(see a ciara) tech, that shyt'll ruin ya future breh,
and I go stupid dumb, soon as I loop the drum, I leave you puffy like loon n them,
soon as this battle begun I have already won its a wrap like aluminum,
why you rep Houston breh? I heard you really from Missouri City,
I heard the tourists come visit the florists cause out there the forest looks pretty,
you talking so gritty,
y r u makin fun of ya own African heritage?
and with that character image that you have created for laughing n shyt it's embarrassin, isn't it?
speaking of I know ya real name Emeka ain't that shyt Nigerian?,
Is that accent really fake or you fighting it when ya recitin ya lyrics when,
you spittin them bars you be spittin, you as hard as a kitten,
that glock isnt kicking, my jaw won't be splitting,
You probably really got scholarships and a free college tuition,
like, you speaking it still, I kill rappers speaking of skill,
This a end just like the Drake battle,(why?) a meek a(Emeka) get killed,
I'm keeping it real, the cacs been actin crazy in the news,
racist views, take a dudes life he barely even made a move,
so I could understand if you hate every cracker that you ever saw,
but to be honest I hate most of em too,and I am not them, and I never been dog
you actin hard like you blastin glocks,
You talking bout Houston but from the burbs you Travis Scott
Time to move on just fast that shyt forward,
you never stepped foot in the 3rd ward, never stepped foot in the fifth ward,

Houston producer of the year, my personal homie shootout to TrakkSounds, (:salute: my homie Trakksound for winnin Houston producer of the year)
and shout out to Tony Dark(another dope Houston producer that's fam to me), both em holding the cac down,

I know more industry folk in the city than you do,

and boo hoo,
a cracker from massachusetts got more clout in Houston then you when he move through,

and ya music is doo doo, ya lyrics are pretty good, fukk is you doin?,
I'm comin for you and,

the hammer a peel (appeal) like a judge when he rulin, this shyt is a cold case,
you thinking I wouldn't pop suttin but I would and really I'm thinking I should hell,
better calm ish down before I give you a good L, (commish Goodell)

Roger that, its over for what you saying you get bucked,

don't make me I fix ya voice ,I oughtta tune yo ass up, (fix ya voice, autotune)

blast what? (blast what?) you blast nothin,

act up, yo ass frontin, :smugdraper:
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Ugo Ogugwa

Neega Wotsssss
May 1, 2012

I'm talking to this nikka "Kush", b*stard this is hazardous
"Bring your notebook", I bring "disaster to this cannabis"

1. Kush is cannabis so Kushskywalker is cannabis.
2. Canibus the rapper lost a battle to Dizaster and infamously used a notebook.

Battle Ugo Ogugwa? You need book brains, "writer's block"
You "can't drop shyt", "see Kush strain",

1. Kushskywalker has writer's block so he can't drop his track. As he tries he strains.
The Kush plant comes in "strains" (strain of kush)
2. Kushskywalker is also constipated. He literally can't drop shyt, so once again he strains

Ugo Ogugwa contract
Killer and the hits in motion, "Cali" Kush? body dumped
In the "Pacific Ocean",

1. Kush comes from Cali therefore Kushskywalker's carcass will be dumped in the Pacific
out of convenience.

straight jab punches, don't need hooks
"You my son now", so Ogugwa is "O.G. Kush",

1. I sonned Kushskywalker so no i da pappy/og. 2. OG Kush is a kush strain

I'm "insane in the
Membrane", "upset for all seasons", Ima "smoke" this nikka "Kush" for
"Medical reasons",

1. I'm insane. I smoke/shoot Kush then claim insanity/medical reasons
2. I'm insane. To calm down I smoke Kush for medical reasons.

who's the best?, my name is mentioned...
"Kush going through the pipe", to "escape these bars" ...
"Shawshank Redemption",

1. Kushskywalker is running from my bars like a prison escape. Shawshank style.
Andy escaped Shawshank via pipe. http://ehuzzle.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ShawshankRedempt_198Pyxurz.jpg
2. Kush can be smoked via pipe hence going through the pipe.
3. Kushskywalker is smokink kush to forget about these bars

your piece of shyt parents are failures
When I "toss the Kush", the only "thing that's left" is "paraphernalia"

1. Once Kush is eliminated from the tournament, all that will be left is his bong etc

About time you felt my rage, if you really think you finna "murder" me
"Kill yourself" like "Hayes(Haze)"

1. Hayes is a rapper who murdered his wife then killed himself.

I took your little sister's flower b
"fukked her in the ass" and "then she sucked my dikk" and "called it Sour D(iesel)"

1. Yuck. Ass to mouth. Sour dikk
2. sour diesel is a strain of kush

This verse one, you looking real feeble, it's "interesting", you dont come
With any bars", when "Kush is illegal",

1. Weed is illegal and comes with jail time yet Kush has no bars

your voice is trash and I hate
Your rhymes, autotune, "electronic" voice effects, gonna get you

1. Kush uses electronic voice affects. He might as well be smoked electronically and vaporized
2.Kush voice effects will get him murdered/vaporized cause it sucks

it's a miracle if this nikka survive, fukk Kush, 420's
40 Minutes to 5......

1. 420 is smokers holiday but since its fuk kush 420 is just 40 min to 5 oclock

I could smoke Kush then pass him to the coroner
I can shoot kush then deliver him to the coroner
I could bust into the Sky to turn the party up
I can shoot Sky (skywalker)
I could pop, Walker (waka) like they did in ATL
Waka flocka was shot in ATL
Ima shoot three shots, and never waste a shell....

I'm talking to this nikka "Sky", you must not "know your purpose"
Cause "fukking with Ugo" puts you "six feet below the surface"...

1. Area above the earth's surface is characterized as the Sky but this Sky
insists on being buried below the surface
2. Fukking with Ugo leads to a dirt nap

You a "friendly ass nikka" and I "hate your smiling face", their's only
"Room for one of us here" and nikka "you outta space (outer space)"

1. Only room for one of us and Sky has ran out of space
2. Outer space is considered a part of the Sky

"Stop lying on your dikk", we know this "fakkit is alone", the only thing
That "Sky" got is "imaginary dome",

1. Sky is alone/virgin so only head he got was imaginary
2. The Sky is has an imaginary dome if you go outside and look up

when this battle is over you gon
Feel conned and patronized, cause you thought the consolation was a
Constellation prize,

1. Sky will lose this battle and get loser's consolation but he thinks he will win
and constellations are in the sky

Ima rearrange your face, with a bat I'm attacking
You, it's gon be like night and day the way I'm beating Sky black and blue

1. At night Sky is black during the day Sky is blue
2. I am going to beat Sky black and blue with a bat
3. The before and after of his face will be like night compared to day

Uppercut will lean you like I hooked you on the syrup ... Sky gon see
Stars like he lookin in the mirror,

1. Sky will see stars cause he dizzy
2. Sky will see stars when he looks in the mirror cause stars are in the Sky

you just another mothafukkin loser
In the crowd, after this we gonna upload Ugo's music to your cloud...

1. Clouds are in the sky

Even though we rapping it's gon feel like we fighting ... I should pull
The 40 and just fill you with lightning ...

1. I'm gonna light Sky up with the 40 cal
2. Lightning is in the Sky

this nikka Sky
Is an herb and a lame, when I look into the Sky I see a bird and it's
Plain (plane),

1. When I look at Sky it is plain to see he is a bird
2. Birds and planes are in the Sky

Ogugwa got bars, make you think you in the bing relaxed
I might send you a kite, with a string attached,

1. So many bars Sky think he in jail
2. A kite is a letter you write someone in jail
3. Kites fly in the sky and have strings attached to them
4. The string attached is explained in the next lines

what I need you
To do, is stop your rhyme illusion, stop rapping and and you'll put
An end to Sky pollution,

1. Sky's breath is horrible an pollutes the sky when he raps
2. Sky Pollution is in the Sky

I'm a demon turn your nightlight
On, son(sun) was shining till I took him to the twilight zone....

1. Sky was shining till he faced Ugo
2. The sun lights up the sky
3. The twilight is a part of the night where the sky no longer is lit

I'm talking to this nikka walker, time that you pass, and like that
nikka Paul, you gon die goin fast,

1. Walker prides himself on rapping fast but he will die in the process
2. Paul Walker died via vehicular cause and is known for driving fast in movies

afte this battle's over I won't
Be your equal, and this aint Fast and Furious, there wont be a sequel

1. I wont battle Walker after i beat him this time
2. Fast and Furious has several sequels

no Tokyo Drift, no reason For Fast 5, just a lot of crying and singing
with black tie (black ty)

1. After i kill Walker there will be crying, singing and black suits with black ties
2. After Paul Walker died there was crying, singing, black suits and ties
3. Tyrese of Fast and Furious fame calls himself Black Ty and was particularly hurt behind Paul Walker's death

Do a show in Houston and get hauled off the stage,
beat to fukking Death and tossed in Paul Walker's grave,

1. Reuniting Walker with Walker

you already lost so a response
to this is optional, I treat you like a DME, put Walker in the hospital

1. I'm putting Walker in the hospital from this beating
2. Walkers are durable medical equipment (dme) that you will find in a hospital

talking like a gangster oh you robbing and hustlin, more like Scott Walker
A Wisconsin Republican,

1. Walker (kushskywalker) is a republican who lives in Wisconsin and did NOT vote for Obama
2. Scott Walker is a republican candidate who is currently governer of Wisconsin where KushSkyWalker resides

you should really take a little caution when its danger
it's funny that you call yourself, Walker Lexus Ranger,

1. Walker has Walker Lexus Ranger under his screen name

when everything you
Rap is a Love horoscope, and everything I rap is A Chuck Norris quote

1. Walker is soft and his raps sound like love horoscopes
2. Ironically Ogugwa is a beast and his raps sound like Chuck Norris Facts
3. Chuck Norris Facts are exagerrated tough nikka quotes. Ogugwa is an exaggerated tough nikka.

Maybe you're James Trivette and your steel game's apparent, even with that
You're lame cause your real name is Clarence,

1. James Trivette is Chuck Norris' sidekick on Walker Texas Ranger
2. James Trivette's first name in real life is Clarence
3. This is an ode to Eminem's line in 8 mile to Poppadock Clarence/parents/marriage
4. Walker's real name is Clarence so he is a fakkit like Poppadock

during the last tournament
Your sword felt sharper, now you just embarassing to Cordell Walker

1. Walker was wack this tournament and got to the finals by luck
2. Walker has embarassed Cordell Walker/Chuck Norris who is Walker Texas Ranger with his wackness

Ugo Ogugwa is a man with a sick mind, you dead man walking and you ran into
Rick Grimes,

1. Walker is a "walker" from the walking dead but i am Rick Grimes
2. Rick Grimes is a walking dead protagonist who murks walkers/zombies

bonified coward, so you scared to pop the lead
You never been, a mc (AMC), I don't fear the walking dead,

1. Walker never been an emcee
2. Walker never been AMC. AMC is the network that airs the walking dead
3. Walker is a walker off of walking dead but Ogugwa dont fear the walkind dead
4. Fear the walking dead is a spin off of the walking dead on AMC
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Walker Lexus Ranger
Jun 9, 2012
@KushSkywalker I think u took it just based on personals, even tho ugo wordplay was better and I like his diss to me more than this one, but how u gone just take the angle and info I hit em with last round and not credit me boy boy? Smh good round tho y'all did it
My bad. I remember you mentioned something about Missouri City. But what I did was remembered @bigrodthe1 said his rap name was Mecca Shogun. Found his soundclick and it had his government and city on there :lolbron: