Lakers are fukking pathetic: How the fukk you lose to the Indiana Pacers

Gil Scott-Heroin

He, him, his, nxgga
Apr 30, 2012
One more time for the culture:
I’m willing to bet a permanent ban that the Lakers WILL win the title.
The Lakers will have a better record than the Nets for sure. Be surprised if the Lakers don’t have the #1 record in the West outside of a major Bron injury.
Rebounding alone is gonna pretty much guarantee LA a spot in the Finals.
Lakers will be fine because LeBron will turn up in the playoffs and nobody in the West is really that good, but how the hell is this team so bad with Bron not out there??
Bron back and the Lakers no longer look like a play in team. Funny how that works.
Lakers will be fine.
Typically opening week overreactions.

Revisit this shyt in April and these same clowns will be crying about how the Lakers are a super team and it’s not fair.
Bron isn’t gonna need to flip a switch though. He’s just got to be healthy. He’s still a top five player in the league and he’s smarter than everyone he’s gonna come across in a playoff series. Nobody in the West is scary for a healthy Lakers squad.
Fortunately for you you’ll get to see the Lakers all the way through June.
At least it’s not as bad as the Laker takes right now.
Lol @ thinking the Lakers aren’t a top three team.
What are you willing to bet that the Lakers, outside of a major LeBron or AD injury, end up in the Finals? :usure:

Dummies like you always get excited about the second game of a season, as though the year ends in October. :snoop:
Yup, that's how The Coli is though. If they don't like a player, they take a week's worth of (exaggerated) bad play to then try to invalidate the player's whole career. They've been doing the same thing with Dame recently. Over the full course of the season, Russ, and the Lakers overall, will be fine.
Westbrook has been playing better lately, and the Lakers overall are getting more chemistry. They’re gonna be in the Finals with or without a move being made, but Lakers/Bron trade rumors are good for clicks.

Dwight Howard

May 24, 2012
The team has a very slim margin of error. The team can't contend if either lebron or ad is hurt. We're old. Bron playing great. Westbrook been bad but shows flashes. ain't good enough.. the Lakers are heavily dependent on role players for success. If our shooters go cold you can damn near pencil in a loss. Our team is literally 3 stars and journeymen. If we are healthy for the playoffs though we could be dangerous :mjgrin:
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