Lori Harvey Explains Why She Dates on Her 'Terms': 'I Almost Got Married Very Young'


Jan 26, 2017

Lori Harvey Explains Why She Dates on Her 'Terms': 'I Almost Got Married Very Young'​

The model sat down with Teyana Taylor to talk about dating, saying, "Don't give your power away to anybody"​

Amanda Taylor
Digital News Writer, PEOPLE
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Published on August 10, 2022 10:24 PM

Lori Harvey is changing the way she dates.

The model, 25, spoke about her approach to relationships on Bumble's Luv2SeeIt YouTube series with Teyana Taylor.
During Wednesday's episode, Harvey and Taylor had an intimate conversation about their philosophies for relationships of all kinds, from romantic to platonic to professional. The pair discussed never compromising one's core values, but focused a lot on change.
"I almost got married very young," Harvey revealed. "I felt like I hadn't really experienced anything. I didn't really know myself, I didn't really know what I liked, what I didn't like. I just feel like I hadn't really experienced life."

She said she eventually came to a point where she wanted to "date on my terms." She added, "However I want to move, whatever I want to do, I'm going to do it. And if it's no longer serving me, I'm going to move on."

Earlier in the episode, Harvey said that change is "the beautiful part of growth," noting that she doesn't want the same things at 25 that she wanted at 21. "Two different mindsets. Like, I don't even know her anymore."

"She's not here anymore," Harvey said. "This is who we're dealing with today."
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The SKN founder said she lives a life without regrets, no matter what other people think.

"You can't live your life based on what other people are going to think, how other people feel, because at the end of the day it's your life — so what's going to make you happy?" Harvey asked.

She also said she wouldn't change her past because she "learned so much in the process" of her personal experiences.

When Taylor asked what makes her feel powerful in a relationship, Harvey replied, "My values, standards and my requirements."
She added, "There are some superficial requirements, and you can cut down on those ... but don't compromise on core values and beliefs."
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Harvey also said she takes more control now, saying she is in a space where she's not doing anything that will "compromise my peace and happiness."
"Don't give your power away to anybody," Harvey said. "That I feel is the key to being truly happy in or out of a relationship."
Taylor described herself and Harvey as cups of tea, with Harvey agreeing by saying "sip with caution." The two said they deserve to be handled with care, and if they aren't, there's a chance you'll get burned.
Lori Harvey attends the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence
"It burned, didn't it?" Harvey joked, while Taylor called it a "pinch of hell."
The duo then sat down with a fan to talk to her about her dating life. Harvey shared another piece of advice, saying, "I feel like if a situation's no longer serving you, there's nothing wrong with leaving that situation."
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Harvey was most recently linked
Michael B. Jordan. After a year and a half of dating, a source close to the former couple told PEOPLE that Jordan and Harvey split in June.

"Michael and Lori are both completely heartbroken," the source said at the time. "They still love each other."

"Michael matured a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to commit for the long term. He let down his guard with her, opening up emotionally in a romantic relationship for the first time," added the source. "They had great times together and brought out the best in each other."

A source close to the model and influencer told PEOPLE that Harvey "wasn't ready to commit," adding, "She is very focused on her career."

According to the insider, Harvey "realized that they weren't on the same page" while she and Jordan "were making plans for their future."

"She still wants to have fun and be free," the source said. "Michael is a great guy. She is sad that their relationship didn't work out, but she is moving on


Aug 7, 2019
She talks?


But women, adjustable 6s & up have no reason to cash out early, they have access to everything on their phone. From attention, simps, to dinners, free events, bottle service, flights, cashapps, onlyfans & dms from blue checks. Unless THAT “dude” is worth more than all of that.

If MBJ isn’t that, who’s honestly left??
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Coco Loco

The Chocolate One with the Gold Cuffs
Aug 10, 2012
Her life her terms. This means when she really settles down it will be for the right reasons. People want her to rush into settling down and I don't know why when the divorce rate is insane. Take your time, date with purpose and intention but if that relationship fizzles out it's fine to brush yourself off and keep it moving


The Prince of All Posters
Apr 30, 2012
LWO/Brady Bunch/#Midnightboyz
I mean if you a real one, you know most people in general are still finding them selves at that age. Very few ppl can do a real relationship and it not be somewhat toxic in ya early 20s.

Being in my 30s, When I talk to chicks around that age I already know it’s just a fun time. Don’t expect much from them.


Simp City
Jun 8, 2012
Lol if experiencing life to you means dating a new rapper year and fukking a nikka and his father, you a hoe

Embrace it
All downhill from here. She about to play her way out the game. When she hits 30s and starts talking "where all the good men are?" . Why y'all celebrating this? she proved Future right.
Feb 5, 2016
She talks?


But women, adjustable 6s & up have no reason to cash out early, they have access to everything on their phone. From attention, simps, to dinners, free events, bottle service, flights, cashapps, onlyfans & dms from blue checks. Unless THAT “dude” is worth more than all of that.

Exactly she living her best life and simps will provide all her needs

And why settle when her mom the best example she needs

She dated and married 2 former drug king pins had kids by them as well

And than married Steve Harvey in mid 30's

She Kno a simp will be there in 10 years lol


All Star
Jun 15, 2022
She’s only 25 years old.

Why settle down when you’re at that prime age ?

Have fun young lady and don’t let no old nikka take you out the game early
Exactly she’s doing what we tell EVERYONE to do but folks want her to settle. Folks need to stop putting all their eggs in one basket until their fully invested. Will she lose some good guys along the way ? Possibly. Will she have regrets ? Maybe. .. but she’s not wasting anyones time. .. unless she’s wasting hers :manny: