My top ten favorite versus from Benny The Butcher


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Dec 26, 2012

Since its his G-day I thought it would be could ideal.


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Dec 26, 2012
10. Frank Lucas

Bury me with ratchets
Let the feds tell it, apparently I'm active
Gucci hoodie smell like kerosene and ashes
Don't get carried away
I been up, and look how carefully I stack it
Got your advance check buried in the mattress
We the Yankees on a pennant run
You needed soldiers, I heard you rented some
Tellin' war stories and you ain't been in none
But look what I converted to
From lettin' burners loose out convertibles (Skrrt)
My bytch gon' be the driver for a purse or two
Nah, my finger never could point
You know p*ssy best when it's moist
Got a hammer and a brick from a plug I met in the joint
Miami, Super Bowl weekend, I got head in a Royce (Uh-huh)
We chasin' cheddar of course, I wouldn't care if it's Deutsch (nikka, fukk)
It was either law school or dog food
If I was makin' y'all moves, we all lose
Make these sucker nikkas pay, those was our rules (Brrt)
You gon' need more guns and lucky horseshoes
Never took an L, but a few lost to mine (A few)
New loft downtown and this view was hard to find
Sold lines to abusers, now abuse y'all with lines
I'm in this black thing, Heem just a few cars behind
I bought two of everything, they said, "Dude lost his mind" (Ayy, you crazy)
Two gold Cubans like I'm tryin' too hard to shine
Two whips, one a coupe that's too small to drive (What else?)
Two-car garage (Uh-huh), two-broad massage, yeah

nikkas think I be frontin' (Yo, Freddie)
But I just be talkin' that real shyt
I don't expect everybody to feel it, though
'Cause y'all nikkas not really like that (You the only one talkin' your shyt like I talk that shyt, nikka, let's go)

With this 9 I got from the district, I'm shoppin' for Christian
I'm in Vegas drippin' in jewelry I got from the district
They say hustlin' like a disease, I'ma die with the symptoms
Put three hundred grams on a brick, cut the pie into sixes
The Butcher comin', nikka, ah


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Dec 26, 2012
8.Thruaway Music

It's my turn, we was all patient
From driving whole onions, had the stove jumping and the floor shaking
None of my broads basic, my bytch taking trips to far places
In return, I take care of the car payment
So ya'll really think I left the streets?
They know the flow sick, can see me posting pics when I just left the beach
I'm still getting it, I'm just discretem, nikka, I'm the extra link
Don't nothing move if it don't connect to me
My OG told me the game twisted
I said the drugs still selling, they just not going for the same ticket
This for my nikkas upstate bidding, weightlifting
Who had spots jumping in LA, like Blake Griffin
I wake up, and everyday Christmas
I'm Saint Nick-in, break bricks and I got cookies on my plate sitting
I was good, now I'm great with it
Block with no shake in it, blender turn it to powder in eight minutes
I fukk with real killers, a lot of nikkas shoot
Man this .40 probably knock ya bytch out her Jimmy Choo
When the plug drop it off, he stop and parlay with me too
It's so strong, I gotta cook it with a biochemist suit
I left early 'cause they ain't teach me common sense in school
They sold America dreams but I was not convinced as you
Game come with profit, bytches, opposition, coupes
All kinda shyt, it's obvious it's consequences too, uh
And ever since I was little, I was in the loop
Turned my mother front porch to a monumental stoop
You remember me, and probably hope that I remember you
But only faces that I know stuffed in my pocket and they blue


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Dec 26, 2012
6.Tom Ford Socks

I seen nikkas break the code, it never felt correct
I watched nikkas make a fortune, dudes I helped connect
They say it’s two ways out the game, bullets melt your flesh
Or catch a sentence and they change you like you Malcolm X
I slide through, my toasts sparking on a close target
We put an address on the beef like we the post office
I'm tryna sell this last half o’ brick then go corporate
I got killers with me pulling up with blow torches
Would you feed a grown man or expect him to hunt?
They take the money out the hood, but never invested in us
I got two kids, I never neglected 'em once
I hope the democrats steal the election from Trump
You got to bathe in holy water and let it touch your face
The bottom of her shoes red like she crushing grapes
I turn the scale on and then I cut the tape
Ken Griffey Jr., I was touching base


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Dec 26, 2012
5.Brossface Brippler

Yo, hey look
My dog'll slit your throat for a brick of coke
He walked in the credit union, then he slipped a note
A new Ferrari, ticket price, that's what my kitchen grossed
Illegal business, my scale off balance, and my blender broke
Griselda on another run, and that's major facts
And y'all put guns in hands of nikkas you know ain't gon' clap
I got the .38 on strap wearing Raiders black
We switch pistols, did missions, then we traded back
Born in the era, in the '80s when the smokers
Hit the corner and they cop with a baby in the stroller
Saw my family on drugs, that's what made me whip the soda
If I don't answer for the plug, that's gon' make him miss his quota
Uh huh, it's crazy, we came up from doing all this evil
Sold dope with so much cut that it clogged they needles
And being real, for this long, gon' be hard to equal
This for the hustlers who got on and fed all they peoples
My nikkas stand up, my Glock shoot straight
Crime do pay, these Nike boxes not for shoe space
Y'all got due dates, for one charge, did time in two states
I put pictures of my kids up applying toothpaste, uh
This gon' be a real heartbreaker, and I stand by it
Can flying, blowing at your head like a hair dryer
Eastside nikka, my whole hood full of Scarfaces
Guns in guitar cases, blood on a long apron


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Dec 26, 2012
Speaking of top 5 here a few of my favorite verses from Stove God Cooks


Half zip (Go), to a half brick (Go), 'til they can't fit
Pan whippin', she like, "You got powder on your Stan Smiths" (Haha)
I'm like, "bytch, these Alexanders", my lawyеr told me I ain't have to answer
It don't еven matter, I went in there lyin'
Spinnin', I went Barry Sanders (I went Barry Sanders)
Play with them answers, they said the got me on the cameras
That's why to this day, I don't fukk with cameras (Ha)
Boy, you better thank your God that that shyt jammed up (You better be thankin' God, nikka)
Cuban under the Canada Goose
Drop ceiling in the basement, four hundred bands in the roof (Ask my mama)
Ha, they paint pictures in my likeness now
I'll have Lil Boosie out the two seater come wipe you down (Brrt, pow, pow, pow, pow)
My section full of diamond chains and Ace bottles (It is)
Thick legs, small waist models, I had tunnel vision Ye goggles
He got some shooters that don't play 'bout him (Hahaha, Stove)

Jose Canceco

In a Tesla swervin' (Swervin' on these nikkas)
Talkin' to my man, he said the last batch that came in was worthless
I told him, "Nah, when it cook like that is just a bit of a burden (That's it)
Just drop the price a couple points and keep servin'"
Red velvet Louis jacket, I'm Ron Burgundy
See the heat comin' off the hundreds, the money burnin' (We hot)
These labels still jerkin'
I heard your deal came with a hundred thousand and some Jergens (Damn)
These fake boss nikkas is really workers
I follow the bricks, I seen the wizard behind the curtain (I seen it)
They talk big 'til we catch 'em in person
They talk big 'til we shoot they Suburban (Brr, bah, bah)
Me and Emeril Lagasse should be the next Verzuz
Two stoves side by side, I bet I work him (I bet I work him)
I turned my granddaddy church parkin' lot to a Church's Chicken (Woo)
Take the braids out, let the hair hang like Mr. Perfect shyt
They owe some streaming money, but I ain't hurtin'
I told my young nikka how much, he said, "I woulda murked 'em" (Haha)
Big homie fresh home drinkin' coffee out the Keurig (Yo)
A hundred and forty-four months ain't break his spirit (He walked it)
He jumped back in, I told him it's different, I tried to prepare him
He good, he a old, brave nikka, he Hank Aaron (Woo)
Forgiatos on the McLaren
Young, rich, and arrogant, is you hearin' this? (You hear me, nikka?)
Over the stove, bangin' Pray for Paris
I think the UFOs dropped the top blocks on the pyramids (That's just me)
It's a method to the madness, everything is math (It's all math)
You know you kill the foundation, everything collapse
Everything is stamped, everything is wrapped
If the feds ask you 'bout me, tell 'em everything is cap (Big cap)
Jose Canseco (Ha)
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco)
This that up three, "Burt & State" flow
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco)
Young nikka out the GT with the Draco (Brr, bah, bah, bah, bah)
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco)

Back 2x​

Was cooking cocaine in designer
I turned seventeen ounces to thirty-nine
Watched big homie lay that shyt up on the heat like Harold Miner
I just dropped mine on the heat like Kyle Lowry, all the Vlone came from Bari
All the kilos came stamped with a balloon, it's time to party (Woo)
Drivin' sixes in the sun with that rocket, I think I'm Barkley (Woo)
And I ain't bring a chip home (Nah)
bytch, I brought a brick home (Yeah)
Did it off the flip phone (Ah)
Had the feds in there tip-toein' (Woo)
I left some dirty pots and a note that said, "I been gone" (Woo)
I been hit that number, bytch, I been up, bytch, I been on (bytch, we been on)
We was worth six figures on them barbershop steps
Was cookin' hard with my left (Left)
Parallel parkin' my Lex'
Hear the barkin' from them bundles, had that dog food on deck
Now my last check look like I play for the Nets
But we ain't breakin' no sweat
We in the rental, 'bout to freeze, don't you turn up the degrees, it's a brick in the vent


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Dec 26, 2012
4.Cold November

Look, what's stoppin me, besides I come from poverty
And never seen a man love my mother properly
I grew up quick, I guess these streets did a lot to me
I was servin the babysitters who was watchin me
I'll be thinkin 'bout that shyt when my cigar smokin
Every time I catch a run, I feel the walls close in
That's why you supposed to save up what you made
You never know you might wake up to raid, I done seen it all
I done bought nikkas jewels and gave nikkas dope
I took nikkas on trips and gave nikkas hope
I put verses on they songs and gave nikkas quotes
When it's time to return them favors, same nikkas boast
I guess it ain't no love without hatred
And you can't have trust without patience
What you know about the snitch bein the plug on y'all cases
18, and the judge you got racist?
My life real, ask my day ones I been connected with work
3 smokers in a house, they all gettin checks on the first
I stretched it, I compressed it, then I measured the work
I chef'd it, gave 'em credit then collected the worth
My momma proud so she smile, I'm a reflection of her
Stack money, stay low, been my objective since birth
You can't take a nikka blueprint and expect it to work
When that man drew up that plan and perfected it first
I was runnin in the streets, hustlin for weeks
They tellin us to vote like the government for me
There's a war goin on against us and the police
If we lose we get the max or covered with a sheet
I can tell if you real by the company you keep
How your handshake feel and by how comfortable you speak
I'll be humble when I'm broke, I'll be humble when I flee
nikkas talkin good cause they don't plan on runnin into me

Remember me? I wore hand-me-downs in middle school
I had holes in my clothes and my tennis shoes
Other kids laughed at me, I was ridiculed
My momma wonder why I was in a bitter mood
Chip on my little shoulder, I had shyt to prove
It's critical, nikkas in your circle keep it real as you
Fast forward that to now, I'm a different cool
I guess we had different views cause we was makin different moves
This for my nikkas still prayin over prison food
That's hypocritical, we smart crooks, religious fools
We men in bloom, so get in tune
Can't fit my shoes--I'm a God
Probably could use my brain to bend a spoon
Remember me, I'm the silencer on the TEC
I'm your confidence when jewels polished up on ya neck
I'm Kiss spittin his verse from "Money, Power & Respect"
I'm Allen Iverson arguin with the ref


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Dec 26, 2012
3.30 in Houston

Ayo, I had to get somethin' off my chest
Had to get somethin' off my chest, right
Turn me up, turn the beat up some
You know, karma's a bytch, she a dirty bytch
Ayo, City Boy, remember we robbed them nikkas
For about fifty in jewels and a hundred in cash?
Hahaha, this shyt all come back though
Ah, yo (And I'm doin' this shyt from a wheelchair)

[Verse 1]
Uh, quarter million in a week
I made your bytch come assist with the count
She could be a thief but because of that mouth
I give her the benefit of the doubt
Yeah, extra twenty off a brick
Those the benefits of a drought, nikka
I can't even sit on a couch with you
If it's really bricks in the house, nikka
For my city, know how I rock
Breaking news story leaked by the cops
Cuban links on me, too thick to snatch
To run off with mines, I had to get shot

Rolls Royce truck, they said we stood out
Only one mistake, I ain't have a lookout
Quarter in jewels, shoppin' at Walmart
Take me out the hood, but can't take the hood out
See Benny the Butcher Live
Get tickets as low as $220
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[Verse 2]
Made my whole city wanna be rappers (Yeah)
I made the trappers all shoot for the ceiling
We turned a brick to a lucrative business
My net worth about a cool two million
Already know what you do for them hoes
But it's about what you do for your nikkas
Meetings with HOV and kickin' it with E
I put my team in a room with them billions
fukk all the bloggers, the nikkas who shot me
fukk all the opps and fukk Wendy Williams
Can't trust nobody, it's all smoke and mirrors
I still ain't make no real friends in this business

Rolls Royce truck, they said we stood out
Only one mistake, I ain't have a lookout
Quarter in jewels, shoppin' at Walmart
Take me out the hood, but can't take the hood out

[Verse 3]
nikkas told me since this shyt happened that I'm lit
I should take advantage of it
That's why I really can't stand you suckers
Go to Instagram but won't handle nothin'
Out the hospital to a private jet
The bullet really ain't damage nothin' (I'm good, nikka)
nikkas would've been in my position
I bet they would've hit the panic button, man (nikkas get shot everyday, B)
They was sent for me, my dawg in Houston got a tip for me
Mexicans that'll wig for me
Their pinky fingers gettin' sent to me, yeah
Interviews with me, all sent offers
Stuck to the code, the mob, no talkin'
Won't talk about it on camera
Unless it's with Anderson Cooper or Barbara Walters (Houston)


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Dec 26, 2012
2.5 to 5o

I been sellin' dreams to sleepers, nikka
Tell the truth, that's the perfect business
'Cause in the drought, I was payin' double
For some work that wasn't even worth the ticket
Plate scrapers, went to work to get it
Check my bank statements, probably hurt your feelings
How I'm in every verse admittin'
How I work a kitchen like it's Church's Chicken
What you know about takin' bags
'Cross state on a half a tank of gas?
The first around ain't a workaround
You gotta hit it twice just to make it last
Take a quarter, you make a quarter
Put that together, that'll make a half
When the coke come pressed, it's
Matter fact, I ain't tellin' nikkas shyt
Who are these nikkas?
I think they all overrated, I think they all are outdated
I'm independent but they think that I'm signed to Shady
'Cause my jewelry look like I made it
Just got a house
I need a brand new Mercedes, we kickin' ass like DaBaby
I'm on the grind, I'll link with the plugs that I met one more time
If these labels don't pay me, uh
I remember when I first told my father who I was dealin' with
I'm like, I told him I was dealin' with Benny
He was like, "Benny from Montana?"
He was like, "Be careful with him"
He was like, "That boy crazy, that's the H block"
I ran off the deep end
Kicked out my mama house, came back carryin' things in
I'm careful 'cause they give you five for a robbery
But they buryin' Kingpins
The real trenches
War with the Feds, nikka, and I'm talkin' real business
For Duffle, was plea to a twenty
They forced him to trial, he came back on appeal sentence
These investigations current, nikka
Them wiretaps got me playin' it safe
Ask Earl Howard 'bout it
If you think I'm frontin' 'bout that twenty grand a day
This the only block on the East side
Where the dope shooters all come and get it
Quarterbackin' plays from a kitchen
How an honor student gon' become a chemist?
At my mom crib havin' flashbacks
Ten guns on me like I'm Mad Max
Put the team on with the last batch
But you nikkas never gon' be half that
On the road to riches or jail bars
With some nikkas that I'll burn in Hell for
I was feelin' like the cards was dealt wrong
Got my money up and put myself on, motherfukker
Sure enough, a few months later
It was like 7:30 in the morning
I heard some loud bangin' at the door
Benny went to the window and said, "Bae, it's the police"
I swear my heart dropped (yo, uh)
Daydreamin' 'bout my past
Zonin' while I'm drivin', hopin' I don't crash
Loyal 'cause you feed 'em, that'll only last
Long as I'm ballin', Bulls vs. The Jazz
And before you nikkas ever got some cash
I could put 200 grams on every half
That's another twenty if you do the math
Carry zeroes over every time I add
West signed a deal, nikka, I was glad
Got me out the hood, I was down bad
Still owe my plug for another half
Every time you bring my name up, he get mad
Then I turned my flip phone to a stash
Six figures, legal money, that ain't bad
Three-time felon, now I run a business
Every plug I ever met, I made 'em cash
'Fore I rode a tour bus, made a fork jump
Thirty bands on me, made me sag
I can turn your front door to a drug store
Make any kitchen to a lab
Man, I hear these drug stories and I laugh
Talkin' 'bout the Coke sales they never had
Pull up on a nikka, you gon' know the pad
Only house with a Bentley on the grass


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Dec 26, 2012
Before I drop number 1 Here's my favorite track from Conway

Now I could easily do another top 10 for Conway but not today.


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Dec 26, 2012
1.Broken Bottles

I got a large bag of clips, hard hats, and sticks
My squad tagging shyt, y'all catch attempts
You leave the house, have some sense, nikka, grab the blick
My lil' homie left without it and I ain't get to dap him since
My slime think I'm homie so he call me Bloody (he call me Bloody)
It's a blessing when your plug let you short him 20
On parole, I was going all in with ten (ten racks)
These funny hustlers out here owing more than they spend
She fukk with you, you buy her a Chanel watch
She fly out with twelve blocks, I buy her a nail shop (nail shop)
I listened to the lies in their lines that they tell, shocked
Six months before I signed, had a pie in the mailbox (mailbox)
I heard they sick about me rapping 'bout the drugs I stretch
I'ma write a whole album 'bout the plugs I met (plugs I met)
Uh, my dog came home, we told him, "Welcome back"
First day out, bought a .40 and a Griselda tag
I don't got no new friends, that's how you get loose ends
I need that Benz truck, yeah, that great white with two fins (two fins)
Major deal for what? Uh, that's gon' cost him two M's
Truth is, I'ma clear a half a million before New Years (let's get money)
These lil' nikkas satisfied with BAPE outfits
I need a Wraith out it, big shyt, lake houses
I'm talking condos just for safe houses, Space Mountain
I'm tryna see so much bread, I gotta take counselling
Y'all like these rappers, but I don't find it amusing, no
I don't buy they movement, so I don't buy their music
I wrote get rich manuals where I provide the blueprint
And with pride, I preach this new shyt, just like I'm inside a pulpit (inside a pulpit)
Top of the year, I came and woke these nikkas up
Made they names sound different when I spoke these nikkas up, uh
I stay hungry just laying my hustle down
Ain't no fukking around with Benny and Uncle Al
Griselda, the Butcher coming, nikka
In this game, you take some losses, I was straight, I ate with bosses
On my plate, that yay was flawless, we out in Vegas racing Porsches
My dawgs laid in coffins, one died in a shootout (doot, doot, doot)
No bullets left, he got slept tryna change his cartridge
Caught my nephew with some work, I guess he caught himself trapping with it
I said, "Just know the consequences if they catch you with it
Nah, I ain't mad you dealing, hit me, I send it at you, nikka
And show you how to ship it with bubble wrap and a vacuum sealer"
The Butcher coming, y'all know the motto
Those Sopranos had fiends smoking white out Sprite soda bottles
Mob boss like I'm Joe Todaro
My dollars long and my plug got a farm like he Old MacDonald
I'm the boss, so where they go, they follow
It's penalties for touching me, so just be careful where you throw them hollows
I sold dope like it was no tomorrow
That got me cash and my watch glass like it's made of broken bottles
The Butcher coming, nikka