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Can’t find a job, YOU can rap at least
Apr 7, 2014
Cool battle, disappointed @batsu didnt knock this piece of shyt @ODOT META out but it's all good. You got beat by a big time TV star so nothing to be ashamed of.

Vote @ODOT META even though he likes sucking dikk

I honestly can't believe some one of his "perceived" status would release a track where the damn reverb drowns out ANYTHING he's saying :martin: where the hell they do that at?!? :mindblown: I don't care HOW he tries to spin this...he knew damn well when he listened to that shyt that it wasn't right.
It's some REAL head cases on this damn board. :beli:

:lolbron: remember we're all inferior this man is Loaded Lux battle status


Jun 3, 2012
Detroit Lions, Michigan Wolverines & LWO
@cook @ODOT META @ Sorry i just came home and recorded it last minute cuz stupid shyt took longer than expected sorry if i sound outta breath my dope ass rhymes will body this foo tho.

Lyrics (cuz i couldn't understand this dudes rhymes lmao hope you guys can understand me):

Oh geez who do I gotta do battle with, it's OD Ohh now I see, imma dot these i's and now cross this Tease,
You gotta spit a betta meta game if you wanna stay on the sme lane meta,
or else ill smoke ya and leave your corpse whitter than feta mane
Wars are fought over ideas and money
You have no idea whats gonna come from me
You done got and bought yourself a casket but who gon bury ya when you got no assets
Im gonna hit ya on the way low
You work that nine to five thats why ya pay low
You gonna come out dressed in a halo
You got a bounty on your head you just made my payload
I hurried and came twice destroying your paved road to the next rap battle show
How you gonna go hard if you only gotta chode
Bombs straight to the dome, these words hit close to home
See the doc and get a probe to see the damage done on your left fukking lobe
Leave your stuttering and weak
Go away and say your meek ryhmes that took you a weak to find
I got the beats and bars, I know i'll go far, admiring from a far,your ass busy driving around in leased ass cars
I'm the repo man here to take ya ego man, yo you so skinny you suck some nonos for some hohos,
Hoe know, your survival is narrow, bow down in defeat and kiss the feet of your pharaoh
Come at you harder than sandy, hold you down and pin you like the macho man randy,
Imma a savage canine, i pierce you worse than bullets from a tech nine,
I got be grime and take the time, to take away the limelight of wack rapper like you who takes a crapper on the art, bytch you rap and you aint got no heart in this
You aint smart with your weak ryhmes
I could have sharted better lyrics, bytch ass dopehead
Hang yourself by the rope dead and leave a note to help your fam cope that says you couldnt handle my dope ryhmes
I'll help calculate the slope of that self lynch
I got this battle won in a cinch, bytch.

I'm sorry. I cut this off after the 1st few lines the 1st time i played it. But I just listened it too it. I'm :laff:. It almost made me change my vote in favor of u
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