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The Devil's Advocate

Call me Dad
Jun 1, 2012
Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven
Yea it’s been less than 24 hours….. This is just your initial thoughts…. What do you think?

I love the layout, love the speed, wish the fonts were bigger, hate looking at the daps being so damn big….

I’ll give it a 8.5-9!!!

Edit: ooooo that edit feature is slick. Definitely a 9. Maybe 9.5. Let me hit JBO and see how the pics/gif load. And how we get back to 50 replies.

2nd Edit: Went to jbo to load the random pic thread. It’s about 1000 pages but there’s no way to skip to the last page without opening it. And then it starts you on page one so you have to scroll all the way just to select a different page.

Gotta hit that 8 now…. Wait a minute. Where’s the smileys .
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