Some Updates


Dec 31, 1969
You know what would be cool? Instead of just showing "Coli Cash" put how much is in your stock trader. You can have 400000 in stocks but show $0 coli cash, which doesn't make sense.

I think I can put that in a widget on the front page, problem is there was time when the system was being exploited so the list of top portfolios might only show people who cheated

Still no .gif avatars? :noah:

Some great new features though. The new poll option is nice

gif avis are technically possible, i've seen some xenforo forums with it and honestly it looks terrible. Avatars are used in so many different places that basically the whole screen is moving and its distracting and low budget looking.

Low key used the time this forum was down to check out sohh.
Couldn't even find it :mjlol:

must have missed this thread :youngsabo:

I see there is a way to see daps given, I'm sure that's been there a while. Is there a way to see rep given?

daps given has been around. pretty unlikely there will ever be any changes to the rep system unless we're able to get an entirely new one. i got into a fight with the guy who made it and he definitely won't be adding anything i request