Speeding woman on cocaine kills drunk driver high on meth in North Las Vegas, police say


Fragments Of A Memory
Dec 14, 2019

The Half-Blood FKA Prince

In Harlem every day is good Friday
May 24, 2022
Sad that a person had to die and another had to go to prison just to make the roads 2 a$$holes safer, but ill save my tears for the future victims of the selfish irresponsible garbage who are still out there. They were considerate enough to wait til they get home to get fukked up and now will never get to enjoy those weekend spirits when lyft is cheap, safe, and readily available and takes all of 3 minutes to arrive.

No excuse for this shyt. DUI needs mandatory sentencing that includes permanent loss of license, and sentences that triple with each conviction. If u insist on not getting blitzed at home, the least u can do is take a lyft, bus, have a designated driver. I personally enjoy a nice good spirited walk home under the influence. Everything is so much brighter and livelier when the world is spinning around u. Trying to drive would just fukk up my buzz even if i was inconsiderate and reckless enough to attempt it and got home without incident.

Incidentally i have had some of the greatest convos with drivers when i have decided to get a ride, usually only if im too far to make it home within a reasonable amount of time. Everybody just seems so much more interesting and funny. And i even had an incident where i ended up getting some cheeks after getting picked up by a older nympho future cougar walking home from my boy's house when i was 15. If i been driving even if i made it home ok, i would have just ended up dapping the cyclops and probably passing out at the end and waking up with a hangover and tissue particles crusted all over the admirals helmet. Instead i got a surprise wake and bake and french toast with cinnamon and fresh squeezed OJ:ohlawd:

And best of all i made a new friend i would go on to have multiple adventures with and even a place to crash when i needed it.

This is just one reason on a long list why i always take the responsible path. Karma is real. Just think, if these 2 clowns had been walking when they crossed paths, they could have had a similar outcome. Instead the only smashing these two got to engage in was...well...:francis:

Stay safe out here, family.