Stephen A. Smith: KD will be remembered as the dude who left Steph Curry for Kyrie


Young J
May 30, 2012
Curry don't have 2 of 3 rings without kd it was clear kd was best player on gs and won 2 finals MVP in his 2 healthy years

Also curry Thompson green jumped in a car 4 deep to beg kd to play with them after losing to cle in the finals

Kd never begged to play anywhere and bad luck circumstances has kept him from winning with nets

But curry in no way is better than kd outside of shooting

And he a ceiling raiser

not a floor raiser

Like kd LeBron Kobe are

Meaning curry can't carry a team he proved that last year when warrior team missed the playoffs.

He 6 ft 3 and not a good defender one of the reasons the warriors are below avg if green doesn't play.

A 6 ft 10 great player always better than a 6 ft 3 player

I say all this to say niether Irving or curry can carry a team far because of height so they both need a kd or lebron to win titles

I Kno curry won 1 without kd but that had alot of good luck and curry has the best org and one of the best coaches and a perfect system for him.

Folks just don't like kd why they say this nonsense like Steph better than him.

Kd much better overall player than Steph

Curry is better then kd and he was the best player on the warriors when kd played there

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May 4, 2012
North Jersey but I miss Cali :sadcam:


- "If the Golden State Warriors advance to the Finals, unfortunately people will remember KD as someone who left Steph Curry for Kyrie Irving, more than they'll remember his championships"

- "You had a structured environment, where all you had to do was ball, with no drama, nonsense, or distractions"

Can't lie, he has a point

This is what I hate about the media. Because that's how HE will remember KD, he prolaims EVERYONE will remember KD the same, which is bullshyt.

The amount of money players get paid in today's NBA enables players to move freely. Even if they take a paycut, they're still getting hundreds of millions of dollars.

that's how the NBA should be remembered in general. Player contracts and the small window's teams have to build a title contender around their best player. Period.

Boston traded for Kyrie because they didn't want to pay their best player at the time a massive contract extension.

And KD left OKC because their owner moved the team to a small market and didn't want to pay any luxury tax. Otherwise KD probably doesn't leave, if they kept Harden.

Mike Wins

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Sep 11, 2014
We all know folk like KD, got everything going for them but just can't get out their own damn way :francis:

Flywin Lannister

May 4, 2014
Lannister Bloodline
He has a point, but it's disingenuous as hell considering that he and others essentially gave KD shyt over the years and helped contribute to him leaving. As I will say once again, people need to pick a KD/GS stance and stick with it. You gave him shyt when he was there and you're still giving him shyt now that he's not.

You either wanted him to stay or you wanted him to go elsewhere. Playing both sides come off as hypocritical.
Both are true

1. Joining the Warriors was the weakest move in sports history (you are up 3-1, you lose to them, you join them after they go 73-9…)
2. Leaving the Warriors will be what he will be remembered for more than winning 2 with them, because again he joined a 73-9 team

And if the reason you leave the Warriors is because SAS talked on TV, you need a way better agent to tell you not to gaf what ppl say