SYFY might have another one! The Magicians

Discussion in 'The Film Room' started by Ain't That Something, Jan 26, 2016.

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    Alice clearly
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    So I just got done with season 3 on Netflix. I love, this show. What the hell was my problem with not watching sooner. Damn, that Alice:takedat:. Mentally unstable as fukk because of piss poor parenting though :francis:. The relationship between her and Quinton is definitely not healthy. Mainly because Quinton is clueless about who he is, what he wants, and where the fukk he’s going. On top of his mental health issues. Margo winning the election because of beastiality:mjlol:. I also have this strange feeling that my boy Ellis is going to get the same fate as Fred from Angel :mjcry:. I have one gripe though. More of a nitpick of a possible plot hole.

    So Ember thought that Umber was killed by William Chatwin. But William was human, and when humans kill a god, the higher gods put humans on a magical timeout. Shouldn’t Ember have known this, and thus known that Umber was still alive? It just seems like it’s one of those plot holes that’s looked over for the sake of the story and drama.
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