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Mar 20, 2017
How is it possible that Tay Roc almost gets into a fight as many times as he does but no one ever fights him? Off the top of my head is that Danny Myers situation , Slyde and now video comes out of him and Snake Eyes going at it. Regardless if he's right or wrong there seems to be way to much drama surrounding him but no one ever actually fights him. This seems to be a different situation then for Arsonal who is clearly the king of disrespect but we all see it as battle rap. Roc has a totally different vibe behind him where it is beyond rap. He talks like someone that has never gotten his jaw checked. I'm a fan of him and he's entertaining as hell but it's crazy to see how he test the waters as much as he does and never get hands put on him. He talks his shyt but brah is like 5'7 and 110lbs :pachaha:

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May 14, 2012
I have 2 friends like him who talk the most reckless shyt, yet neither have had their jaw tested.

One gets like that when he's sloppy drunk and my theory is that no one cancels Christmas for him because hes :flabbynsick: and not a threat, and when he's sober or not sloppy drunk, he's the coolest nikka alive (slide you bytches, Pay for dinners etc..) so there's a lenient reaction towards him.

The other is like 6'3 230ish (Built like a more fit Twork) so its obvious why he gets a pass.

Tay Roc on the other hand is perplexing. He's the loudest nikka in the room, often antagonizing others arounds crowds (which is usually the energy that makes nikkas pop off).

Alot of his near-fights have happened in NY, where people have known to get shot/stabbed for yelling "SMD", and through it all he remains untouched is even more puzzling.

At this point I'm convinced that either he has:

A) Has a guardian angel

B) Rolls with known shooters to events

C) Smack or Beasley has warned nikkas what the consequences are for touching his "brother"

shyt is mind boggling :ld: