T.he I.nformant

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May 3, 2013
Wherever nikkas need to be told on

Art Barr
[ahrt bahr]

noun inventor of the Internet


BasedGawd [beysdgod]

noun 1. Lil B; 2. one with so much swag he has permission to fukk your bytch

bedwench [bed-wench]

noun 1. a black woman who willingly serves as the object of sexual gratification for a white man; 2. a female c00n; 3. a black woman that abandons a part of her identity and humanity (or is perceived to) at the behest of a white man or in apparent servitude of the white man; 4. a black woman who accepts or even acts in furtherance of white superiority

examples: Stacy Dash, Raven Symone, Condoleeza Rice, Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball"

beef [beef]

noun 1. when you need two gats to go to sleep; 2. when your moms ain't safe up in the streets; 3. when you make your enemies start your Jeep; 4. when you roll no less than thirty deep; 5. when I see you, guaranteed to be an ICU; 6. an unresolved dispute; 7. a grudge

verb to provoke drama on reasonable or unreasonable grounds

Big Business [big biz-nis]

noun local pusherman

brb using imagination since no pics provided [bee rahyt bak yooz-ing ih-maj-uh-ney-shuhn sins noh piks pruh-vahy-did]

noun a playful suggestion to include a picture to bolster the credibility of a story about someone

verb 1. to indicate that a post lacks visual evidence; 2. to strain one's mental falcuties attempting to visualize someone or something described

breh [breh]

noun a general term of address to a male poster

brehette [breh-et]

noun a general term of address to a presenting female poster who proves her 2X chromosomes with pics

bushes [buh-shis]

noun 1. shrubbery where bullshyt is discarded; 2. place where mostly bad threads are thrown 3. residence of guns and 40 Glocc


cac [kak]

noun 1. a neutral/inflammatory term of address to a white breh; 2. creepy ass cracker; 3. cracker ass cracker

inventor: Coli nikkas, Trayvon Martin, Chris Rock

camel [kam-uhl]

noun Jay-Z

certs [surts]

noun proof of credibility

used in a sentence: I got IT certs on deck all day everyday, ask about me.

chatty patty [chat-tee pat-tee]

noun one who gossips

adjective of a feminine quality in discussing the affairs of others

inventor: :dame:

origin: in an interview with The Breakfast Club, Dame Dash denigrated Charlamagne tha Gawd by referring to him as a "chatty patty" due to his propensity for trying to stir up drama by bringing up the affairs and history of other men (2015)

examples: Charlamagne Tha gawd, Wendy Williams

ChrisDorner thread [kris-dohr-nur thred]

noun thread automatically rated ********** regardless of its content

adjective thread of purported high quality

classic [klas-ik]

noun art that one enjoys and therefore everyone must enjoy

adjective 1. of the first or highest quality, class, or rank; 2. serving as a standard, model, or guide 3. of or adhering to an established set of artistic or scientific standards or methods

coli [cahl-ee]

noun 1. heaven; 2. building-crusher; 3. best forum on the Internet

c00n [koon]

noun 1. one who thinks from a paradigm of white is always right; 2. one who jumps at a height required by "massa"; 3. one who becomes sick when the "massa" catches a cold

verb an act of submitting to white superiority


deeez nuuutz [deez-nuhts]

noun 1. playful reference to the male genitalia; 2. call feigning interest in the letter "d" followed by the response "deez nutz"; 3. simply, got eem!

origin: Unknown but was popularized by skit of the same name, track 6, on Dr. Dre's landmark album, The Chronic (1992)

note: the joke received a resurgence in popularity in 2015 with the emergence of a funny looking dude with no bytches by the name of Welven da Great

demonic [dee-mahn-ik]

adjective inspired as if by a demon, indwelling spirit

:duck: [duhk-teylz]

adjective 1. a story too dubious or improbable to be believed; 2. something so remarkable as to strain credulity


ether [ee-ther]

noun 1. that shyt that makes your soul burn slow; 2. goat battle record; 3. a mental, emotional, or psychological undressing

verb to deconstruct, destroy, or dismantle

used in a sentence: Ether just—just—just . . . it’s far, man, very vulgar.

inventor: Nas

origin: Stillmatic (2001)

exposal [ik-spoh-zuhl]

noun 1. A public exposure or revelation, as of something discreditable; 2. one’s projection on the year-round online Summer Jam Screen

verb circumstances when details of one's real life spills into the streets of the Internet in a malicious or haphazard fashion

illustration: one claims Harlem but is found to actually live in Hartford


fan [fan]

noun 1. opposite of stan; 2. one who is able to enjoy or support someone or something while maintaining the ability to engage reasonably in discussions and debates about said person or thing

fap [fap]

verb to fornicate with one's self

flabby and sick [flab-ee and sik]

noun 1. Larry Holmes; 2. someone old, decrepit, weak, fat, ugly; 3. one whose skills have severely diminished

adjective condition describing one afflicted with a disposition of Larry Holmes

inventor: 2Pac

origin: 7 Day Theory (1996)

flattop [flat-top]

noun when someone gets flabby and sick, a smiley with their likeness gets a photoshop treatment in which a Larry Holmes-inspired flattop is pasted atop their smiley

friend [frend]

noun 1. an individual who isn't demonic; 2. a positive term of address to an individual

fukkery [fuhk-uh-ree]

noun 1. excessive indulgence in immaturity and debauchery; 2. a shyt show


gawd [god]

noun a special term of address for one who is the object of another's greatest admiration and adoration

get _____, brehs [get (fill in the blank) brehs]

verb 1. to feign encouragement of something obviously objectionable or ridiculous; 2. to provide a description of the situation at hand

get married brehs [get mar-eed brehs]

noun a movement predicated on the theory (and arguable historical certainty) that brehs will suffer greatly by wedding brehettes

verb to feign encouragement of another breh to enter into a contractual relationship in which he will inevitably lose half of his assets

aka: #GMB

note: GMB is undefeated

inventor: @Emperor_ReinScarf aka the godfather of the movement

GOAT [goht]

noun something or someone tending to be the greatest of all time, according to me

synonyms: Nas, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali

gun [guhn]

noun a weapon of mass destruction

synonyms: ratchet; blinker; biscuit; burner; heat; toaster; twister; banger; hammer; flamer; cannon; gat

purpose: for blacks to kill blacks


hard on hoes [hahrd awn hohs]

noun a movement predicated on the philosophy that wandering and wayward women should be treated with the utmost contempt

aka: #HOH

Harvin Marrison [hahrv-in mair-eh-sin]

noun 1. #88; 2. the one whose true name shall not be spoken; 3. one who murks while evading the criminal consequences

**** [hohlt]

noun 1. a fabled poster who is hellbent on soliciting dikk pics from other brehs; 2. a general term of address to a presenting female poster who has offered no pics to verify "her" gender


I wanna see the receipts [ahy wawn-uh see th-uh ri-seets]

noun a demand to one leveling accusations that impinge on your character and reputation to provide proof or evidence to support the veracity of their claims

verb a desperate act of utter denial even though the truth is obvious and apparent

inventor: Whitney Houston

origin: Whitney's infamous ABC interview with Diane Sawyer (2002)

industry plant [in-duh-stree plahnt]

noun 1. a pithy derogative leveled at a rapper or singer to suggest that said individual is an upstart fraud, a record label puppet, a test-tube corporate creation, a focus group-tested vessel of so-called creativity, etc 2. any musician with a hazy or flagrantly fabricated come-up story

it's so demonic, friend
[its soh dee-mahn-ik frend]

verb to identify something demonic for a friend

inventor: Mowgli and/or Mr. Somebody


JBO [jay-bee-oh]

noun 1: manna for online miscreants and degnerates; 2: :datazz:


King of New York [king uhv noo yawrk]

noun 1. Biggie; 2. Kendrick Lamar


lost [lawst]

noun state of being

verb 1. to suffer loss/defeat; 2. to suffer the deprivation of

synonym: Nas

antonym: Jay-Z
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T.he I.nformant

1st Ballot HOF Teller
May 3, 2013
Wherever nikkas need to be told on

[mawl-ee wawt-er]

noun 1. luxury-priced tap water in a fancy bottle; 2. embodiment of one's dreams or failures

note: water is intentionally misspelled


name names [neym neyms]

verb to prod a breh to explicitly identify who he may be referring to when said breh is only throwing subliminals and making vague references

Nas lost
[naws lawst]

noun phenomenon of one existing in a perpetual state of losing, real or imagined

nawg [nawg]

noun no ass white girl

antonym: pawg

neg [neg]

noun a deduction from a poster's online reputation

verb to make another's reputation blood red burgundy

new black [noo blak]

noun 1. an endearing or contemptuous term that is meant to be empowering or derogatory depending on who is using it and how they are using it--subjective analysis focuses on whether one is conscious and enlightened about black-ish; 2. a black person who minimizes, deflects, or attempts to ignore the impact and grip of institutional racism on the black experience particularly in America; 3. a black person who seems detached from or ignorant to the black experience; 4. a black person who doesn't adhere to the racial politics of our grandfather's time; 5. personal examination or reflection relating to how a black breh/brehette identifies and defines their blackness

adjective 1. adhering to a colorblinded mentality that emphasizes the individual experience of being black while ignoring the collective reality of being black; 2. adhering to faith and hope in humanity that people will treat black people fairly and decently; 3. adhering to belief that one can escape the racial politics and reality in America by merely shifting their thinking

inventor: Maybe Alain Locke but certainly co-opted by Pharrell Williams

origin: in an interview with Oprah, Pharrell discusses his self-identification as a so-called "New Black," explaining that “The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The New Black dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality. And it’s either going to work for you, or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re gonna be on.” (2014)

examples: Pharrell Williams

nikka [nig-uh]

noun 1. a friendly term of address between black brehs; 2. never ignorant getting goals accomplished

nikkas get _____ everyday, b [nig-as get (fill in the blank) ev-ree-dey bee]

verb to diminish or attenuate the significance of an event by indicating the frequent occurrence of said event

inventor: Cam’ron as Rico aka Alpo

origin: Paid in Full (2002)

******: [nig-er]

noun 1. a hateful term of address used by cacs against black brehs; 2. :ufdup:

no homo [noh hoe-moh]

verb to reject something tending to suggest homosexuality with intent to affirm one's heterosexuality and masculinity

inventor: Cam’ron

cousin term: pause


one * [wuhn stahr]

noun rating for a particularly bad thread

adjective thread of low quality

illustration: see just about any ROFL_GUY thread


pawg [pawg]

noun 1. phat ass white girl; 2. pretty ass white girl; 3. pudgy ass white girl

note: there is general disagreement about who is a pawg


scust [skuhst]

noun a strong distaste; nausea; loathing

verb 1. to offend the good taste or moral sense; 2. to cause extreme dislike or revulsion in

simp [simp]

noun 1. Drake; 2. one who shamefully lusts after another and purports to do any and everything for that individual; 3. one who intensely desires attention or affection from someone

snitch [snich]

noun 1. Alpo; 2. Frank Lucas; 3. Nicky Barnes; 4. @T.he I.nformant

verb 1. to disclose information thought to be private; 2. to report another to an authority figure in violation of a code of ethics

used in a sentence: If I knew a cereal killer was living next door, I wouldn’t snitch, I’d probably move

sohh [soh]

noun 1. rubble from crushed buildings; 2. :hamster:

stan [stan]

noun 1. an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity; 2. one who passionately and unabashedly swings from another's nuts; 3. A vile creature who lacks the ability to engage in discussion reasonably, rationally, and objectively

verb to stalk, obsess over, and intensely admire another of an almost homoerotic nature

inventor: Eminem but revolutionized by Nas

origin: Marshall Mathers LP (2000)

note: the term may not have the same meaning if not for Nas's usage in "Ether" (2001), a popular battle record in which the term was hurled as an insult

stan wars [stan wahrs]

noun irrational, volatile, fruitless debate by numbskulls

swag [swag]

noun presentation of one's self with flair and style

verb to style on or humiliate someone


that's my _____ :to: [thats mahy (fill in the blank)]

noun 1. an expression demonstrating allegiance and solidarity; 2. a display of support or admiration

inventor: TO

origin: post-game playoff-loss to the NY football giants (2008)

used in a sentence: It's really unfair. That's my teammate. That's my coback.

troll [trohl]

noun 1. a provocateur 2. one who is intentionally amusing

verb to provoke another to feel utter confusion, anger, or frustration

TSC [tee-es-cee]

noun 1. the squared circle, referring to the wrestling ring where the fukkery goes down 2. group who infamously took over the locker room and held the coli hostage in August 2012

twerk [twurk]

verb for a female to dance in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements, butt gyrations, and a low, squatting stance


YOLO [yoh-loh]

noun a motto or way of life meaning "you only live once," therefore you should consider doing something crazy, risky, or dangerous

you share that girl [yoo shair that gurl]

verb 1. popular taunt leveled at one who is suspicious of or has recently discovered that his significant other may be or is promiscuous; 2. to sober another breh up with the reality that his girl is choosing others

***** *** [yuhng droh]

noun 1. ATL rapper known for being in cars of all kinds of colors

note: unexplained phenomena causes his name to show as a series of asterisks on message boards


wolves [woolvz]

noun a pack of bloodthirsty nikkas with no sense of decency who are hellbent on making a mockery of someone or some situation

note: on the coli, wolves are often summoned into exposal threads
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