The Official 2022 NBA Draft Talk Thread


The Manslayer
May 2, 2012
Hey I have a pre-season mock from Bleacher Report that doesn't really matter but I thought it would be fun to see where picks landed compared to pre-season

1. Chet Holmgren - Only fell 1 spot to #2 compared to pre-season. Not too bad
2. Paolo Banchero - Rose 1 spot to #1. These two pretty much held serve after their freshman seasons
3. Jaden Hardy - What a fukking disaster, fell all the way to the 2nd round at #37 after a rough season with G League Ignite.
4. Yannick Nzosa - Had a terrible year and fell way down to the bottom of the second round
5. Jalen Duren - Dropped down to 13th after a somewhat disappointing freshman season
6. AJ Griffin - Dropped outside the lottery possibly due to Duke being so loaded didn't get to shine as much?
7. Jabari Smith - Really shot up boards during the season to where he was considered by many to be the #1 prospect and the favorite to go #1 until just a few days before the draft when Paolo emerged as the favorite. Still wound up going #3 overall
8. Caleb Houstan - Fell to early second round. Not quite as far as Hardy or Nzosa but still not good
9. Patrick Baldwin Jr - Extremely lucky to get drafted by a great team and even going in the first round at all after a horrible freshman season and combine. Still dropped pretty far and I know some others had him even higher pre-season
10. Matthew Cleveland - Stayed in college
11. Kennedy Chandler - Yet another lottery mock pick to fall out of the first round entirely
12. Daimion Collins - Stayed in College
13. Peyton Watson - Fell to the end of the first round after doing nothing in College
14. Jaden Ivey - Shot up all the way to 5th overall pick
15. Jean Montero - Overtime Elite's disaster. I don't think he was even picked?
16. Dyson Daniels - Wound up going 8th overall after impressing in G League Ignite
17. Nikola Jovic - Dropped to 27th which isn't too bad once you consider things get hard to predict outside the lottery
18. Bennedict Mathurin - Wound up going 6th overall after impressing during March Madness
19. Kendall Brown - Dropped to the 2nd round at 48th
20. J.D. Davison - Dropped to the 2nd round at 53rd b
I don't feel like doing anymore past the top 20 :russ:
Shaedon Sharpe would've 100% been part of this mock but people didn't know he was declaring this year
Keegan Murray wasn't even mocked in this round 1 at all and wound up going 4th overall.
Also no Jeremy Sochan or Johnny Davis at all
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May 3, 2012
Eagle, Colorado
NBA's Draft coverage is ass too. Why don't these networks take this coverage seriously,
The post draft review on nba tv isn’t too bad. But the shyt on espn and abc was trash. Malika was trash — she was out there like Molly qerim Tonight. Kendrick is a legit dumbass. Doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about outside of klutch talking points.

Wonder who on the lakers Scotty’s mom is plotting on.


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Apr 1, 2018
Need Clip gang to sign Dominic Barlow on that 2 way deal