The Schomburg Center releases 27 theme Syllabus of Black Culture

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    Schomburg Center Launches #SchomburgSyllabus, A Black Studies Catalog in Commemoration of Its 95th Anniversary as NYPL Research Center


    October 7th, 2021 - Since 1925, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture has preserved and made accessible over 11 million objects in Black diasporic knowledge through the New York Public Library system. To support students, teachers, and researchers using these collections or seeking materials to begin areas of study in Black culture, the Schomburg has launched the #SchomburgSyllabus — a web-accessible, curated reference guide.

    The #SchomburgSyllabus catalogs 27 themes of Black culture that encourage self-education and research in honor of founder Arturo Schomburg’s vision. The syllabus— available online at — references the Schomburg Center’s collection of rare books, manuscripts, audio collections, and reference material, as well as popular syllabi across the diaspora.

    “The #SchomburgSyllabus is a testament to the value of collective efforts to preserve and share Black history,” said Schomburg Digital Archivist Zakiya Collier, who curated the project for two years. “The collaborative efforts that enabled Arturo Schomburg to amass his collection are the same collaborative efforts that make hashtag syllabi and the #SchomburgSyllabus possible 95 years later.”

    The syllabus thoughtfully curates Black-authored and Black related topics


    The #SchomburgSyllabus is available online for free and references digital and physical materials that can be found in person at the Schomburg Center. Some items will need to be requested through the Schomburg and The New York Public Library to be viewed.


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