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Mar 18, 2014
If you ever think obscure religion doesn't have power, consider this little struggle, Louis Theroux has been struggling to get his film in theaters. Here's a clip from the film.

Louis Theroux has encountered the worst obstacle in his film career.

Look at this, coli fam. Look at the madness that you will come across.

Fun fact: If the leader of scientology dies "David Miscavige", Tom Cruise becomes the de facto leader, THAT's how close Hollywood royalty is to the Xenu throne, fam. :ohhh:

"For me it's a big departure, because it's the first theatrical released documentary I've ever made. It was conceived and shot as a cinematic movie, it's 100 minutes, and it investigates and attempts to get under the skin of what for me is the Holy Grail of stories: America's homegrown religion created by a science fiction writer, and structured like a corporation. With Tom Cruise."

Theroux also confirmed that the distributor, Altitude, was also responsible for the stunning Amy Winehouse documentary that scooped the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature last year. The controversy surrounding Theroux's documentary has been huge, with the Church of Scientology putting both Theroux and the filmmaking team under constant surveillance.

Not only that, Theroux admitted that they've received numerous legal threats from the Church throughout production.

We've contacted a number of Irish distributors to see what the story is with the Irish release date, as it's likely it'll be on the same date as the UK one. However, there might a few legal challenges to the film's release in Ireland. Alex Gibney's documentary on the Church of Scientology, Going Clear, was delayed from broadcasting over legal attempts and claims of libel.

Not only that, Ireland's blasphemy laws could potentially be enacted to stop the film reaching Irish cinemas. The Defamation Act of 2009 makes the "publication or utterance of blasphemous matter" against any religion an offence and carries a fine of €25,000. However, the Act does allow for a defence of work that has "genuine literary, artistic, political, scientific, or academic value", which this documentary clear has.
Let's hope Louis doesn't commit suicide in a garage poisoned by Carbon Monoxide.