Why good girls have become unicorns

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Nov 17, 2015
Right now the scale is so skewed in direction of most women being ratchet or being all around town. After a certain age good women to wife up don't exist.


Nov 19, 2013
I just read this article, and it sums up the dating scene for me and most of the people who post on here. Nowadays, there are such a small number of "good women" it is statistically possible to say they dont exist in any measurable amount.

:whoa:No disrespect to the virtuous women of the coli.......:shaq2: ........but I dont think i'll ever settle down with one modern woman of today unless they're down with sharing me but me not sharing them. I currently date multiple women, they all know it cuz i'm honest and upfront. Sometimes we even go out together. But I doubt i'l ever be married in the traditional, one man one woman way. One man, 3 women? Yeah i could commit to that for life under the right circumstances. If i could combine the things i like into one woman, i'd have the perfect woman. But that's not possible.

I just find that the women nowadays dont offer anything outside of sex. Nothing. They're unable to hold an intelligent conversation, boring yet constantly looking for excitement or something or somewhere. And they all seem to be broken in unfixable ways.

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Quote - The truth of the matter nowadays is that good girls, as we like to call them, don’t really exist. They are unicorns. You are lucky if you come across one that is actually who she says she is. We sometimes even joke that our future wives are currently in Kindergarten because it is comforting to know that she is currently playing with blocks and not swinging from man to man because they sell her a good enough story. And when she’s 18, we’ll snap her right up and she’ll have no exposure to the world of dating.

I agree and disagree with you.

I don't think there are many quality men or women.