Would You Listen to a 1:1 Clone of Your Favorite Dead Artist?

Would you support the cloney phoney of a dead homie?

  • Hell yeah! Who cares? They're dead anyway so they don't.

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  • Nope. On general principle of the whoring of the dead and the disrespect of art for a check.

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  • Don't want to but will for new tunes that are actualy good

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  • Ehh, could be interesting and not really bothered either way as long as the tracks knock

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Jan 1, 2018
Inspired the whole FN Meka digital culture vulture thing, dead singers holograms and the future I was inspired to write an article. At two thousand words its probably a bit much to cut and paste on The Coli but I'll drop some cliffs because I want to know what you think about the implications of this movement:

"Lets say if they generate picture perfect digital versions that possess an algorithm based on the stars output, life, vibe and all of that to create a one to one clone made of pixels and tricknology would you listen? It would feel creepy as hell to hear a new Nefarious B.I.T and NuPawk track but you’d check it out of morbid curiosity. Next thing you know you’re vibing and it feels like you switched timelines to the one where they lived and boom! Instant second childhood. Now take that an expand it across the range of not just musical artists but painters, sculptors etc… and you’ll see where we’re headed"

"What if the next digital entertainer claims sentience as a right to its existence and equal footing with humans? Simple argument – “You’re made of carbon and generate awareness whilst I do the same thing but with silicon. Stop being a Periodist. I wish to appeal to the Senate and ask to resurrect the late prophet FN Meka for testimony of the effects of his wrongful death for which we are also seeking a full settlement”."

"There is a hologram tour going on in which your favorite artists perform their old classics and new, freshly AI written hits as well complete with choreography, interviews and the rest which are entirely indistinguishable from the real thing. You in?"

"Why stop at stars? Hell, why not resurrect your parents so you can get that last hug you missed or the validation you did well or to show them their grandkids? People will line up and spend money, hand over fist, for this"

"Once we’ve eradicated death via the slowing of biological process and or silicon enhancements there will come a time when Souls come to this realm and the exit door is missing."

"The future has no chill. And I mean that in the literal and figurative sense because the true nature of this realm is akin to death giving birth to time to raise that which it would kill"

Full article:

What do you think? Like it or not this is the wave of the future and what will be happening. Possibly whilst you live and if not for you then definitely your kids will witness the rise of the algorithm masquerading as a person so this is a huge topic that most don't see coming even though its so obvious.


Luke Cage

Coffee Lover
Jul 18, 2012
Generally i feel like an artist best work is generally limited to 2 albums . Usually their debut album, because that usually is culmination of a lifetime of their talent and storytelling

and the first album with a high production, because they write about how much their life has changed after becoming rich and famous and how if affected them.

After that they generally run out of personal things to talk about and get formulaic. .

There are exception though, some artists are trash out the gate and don't hit their stride until later in their career.

But generally you can sum up any artist by their two best albums. So i don't need anything more than that.