Youtuber breaks down how war in Ukraine has raised prices

Scustin Bieburr

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May 3, 2012

  • This is a proxy war. The west can't get involved directly, but by sending money to Ukraine they can hopefully outspend Russia and push them to give up.
  • Russian natural gas pipelines supply energy to much of europe
  • The natural gas is used in chemical facilities to create chemicals that are used in every day applications from the menthol in toothpaste to the ammonia enrichment in soil to grow food.
  • The natural gas leads to electricity which people will use for an alternative source of heat by buying electrical heaters.
  • The costs of everything going up because of the cost of energy used to create these chemicals, and heat homes has fueled protests. Putin's end game is to hope these protests translate to political action and leaders stop supporting Ukraine financially and just give up and let Russia take over.
  • In the mean time, now that Europe is looking for alternative energy sources, Qatar is about to get rich off the Europeans, and more money looks like it will be invested in renewables to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.
  • A loss for Russia means loss of the European markets which allowed them to get to the level they were at to begin with. That's assuming they even get Ukraine. IF they don't get Ukraine or those gas contracts back, and Europe's transition to renewables is sped up because of this, it's a massive L.