1. Flex Luger

    ESPN’s Kevin Pelton’s Top 10 NBA Players of 2019

  2. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    The 2019 Airing of Grievances: Go off on a breh/ette in this thread #Festivus

    Today is Festivus (as shown on Seinfeld) and I figured what better way is there to celebrate than with our own Airing of Grievances? The Airing of Grievances occurs during the Festivus meal in which each person tells everyone else all the ways they have disappointed them over the past year...
  3. Julien Loki Ahadi

    JAY-Z's Year End Picks 2019

    tidal.com/browse/playlist/7eafb342-141a-4092-91eb-da0012da3a19?play=true :mjgrin:
  4. 3Rivers

    TSC POTY 2019

    Who grabbed the title in 2019?
  5. 3Rivers

    TSC WOAT 2019

    Who had heat in the TSC locker room in 2019?
  6. Julien Loki Ahadi

    Post Your Thanksgiving Plate 2019

    Just to get this started in prep for tomorrow. :mjgrin:
  7. Sauce Dab

    Apple Music listeners. What have y’all listened to most this year? Come post it

    Here’s mine. If you don’t know where it is. Just go to browse and press “replay”
  8. Jody Lo

    Hip Hop North Carolina running hiphop now?

    With the accessibility of connections becoming a few instagram clicks away, we’ve been able to witness a change in how an artist is broken into the music industry. Ever since music discovery became as easy as accessing the internet, we’ve seen hundreds of artists emerge from remote locations all...
  9. R

    Anyone seriously want to learn Japanese?

    I have been messing around with this site and like 30 mins or less so far I have learned 15 characters in hiragana. あいうえお - a i u e o かきくけこ - ka ki ku ke ko さしすせそ - sa shi su se so I set up my phone's keyboard to be able to switch to japanese. It's pretty cool. I typed that all from memory btw I...
  10. ADevilYouKhow

    Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has died at 95

    The world must be about to end :why:
  11. Steven_Realberg

    Albums Larry June - Out the Trunk (Discussion Thread)

    OUT THE TRUNK: Larry June - YouTube @Deltron @LevelUp @AMcV'88 @Monoblock and whoever else is on the Orange Train! Get Hip!
  12. Unknown Poster


    10 new tracks. I know I've been ghost from this section for a bit...but get ready/. It's coming out next month. Was supposed to come out in July but there was a hold up with mixing and mastering. This is all dub techno, minimal, IDM electro all original tracks written and produced by me. I'm...
  13. R

    Coli OGs please coach my breh

  14. Jody Lo

    Mixtapes & EPs Rap Trapper 2 - August 9th

    Jody Lo - Rap Trapper 2 intro Jody Lo - Rap Trapper 2 - Single | BandLink Just the intro for today but the whole mixtape slapping like this. Rap Trapper 2 set to drop in 3 weeks. That lyrical trap shyt is back. You can presave the full mixtape now PRE-SAVE - Rap Trapper 2 Jody Lo - Rap...
  15. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    2019 Global Place Index (GPI): US ranks 128 out of 163

    What Makes for a “Peaceful” Country? To arrive at these findings, the Institute for Economics & Peace ranked 163 countries and territories (representing 99.7 percent of the world population) according to indicators that measure levels of societal safety and security, the extent of ongoing...
  16. you're NOT "n!ggas"


    Who's skipping work? :blessed: Texas brehs especially shouldnt be on the clock :hhh: This is OUR day to enjoy
  17. R

    Lose that gut without the gym

    FIRST STRETCH AND WARM UP WITH A LITTLE WALKING AND SQUATTING UP AND DOEN GENTLY. 10 weeks of 5 rounds of 3 min jump roping. If you don't have a jump rope or that lazy to pull it out, do it prentending you are using one. Get off that ass. I'm doing this in my drawls on the carpet floor. Edit...
  18. R

    The Neptunes - Letter To My Godfather

  19. The M.I.C.

    We're halfway through 2019..

    TLR has been :hhh: thus far but there's been some bright spots to build upon :ehh: Who do you have so far as your WOAT and POTY as of right now as we cross the halfway mark. :ehh: @BlackPearl The Empress @Barnett114 @hustlemania @Daredevil @Ill Clinton @ItsMeButters @O.T.I.S. @JackRoss...
  20. R

    Singles Ugly God - Lost In The Sauce