1. JesusFOREVER

    "Bustise" Winslow >>> Benamin Simmons

    :whew: Winslow running PG off the bench and already putting up better statlines than Kangaroo Boy, maybe we were wrong about him coli :ohhh: :mjcry: if only Stanley Johnson could do the same
  2. Johnny seawolf

    Markelle Fultz no longer in Philly long term plans. Philly plans on trading the number one pick.

    Second round pick and Frank Nitilkina :wow: Make it happen Perry.
  3. Leasy

    My Coli 76ers brehs: Enter Now

    i think it is time to discuss what should this franchise do with this team. Obivously the team hasn’t improved and Embiid is pissing me the fukk off. We have a number of issues on the team and Ben Simmons isn’t one of them. Fultz- There is a reason half 76ers management didn’t want Fultz and...
  4. Archangel

    Would you trade Ben Simmons For Jayson Tatum if you're Philly?

    Let's say Boston offered you this deal straight up. Would you do it? Tryna get some some views and commentary for when I play My League in 2K19. I think id pull the trigger. Not sure though. I think Tatum may have the better career but Ben may be HoF status by the time he's retired.:patrice...
  5. FAH1223

    Former Cavs GM David Griffin: 76ers have a "leg up" on signing LeBron next month

  6. R

    Is LeBron getting this year's Cavs to the Finals more impressive than A.I & The Sixers in '01?

    Its certainly up there for sure....what yall think? This Cavs team shouldnt had even made it to the Finals giving all the turmoil, chemistry issues and lack of talent on the team. Speak on it.
  7. Leasy

    Kawhi has been seeing 76ers Doctors since January

    The rumors appear to be coming true as a radio guy stated through inside source that Kawhi going to force his way here because of Brett Brown etc... The uncomfortable silence of Kawhi Leonard ESPN story links Kawhi Leonard to 76ers
  8. FAH1223

    Playoff Preview? 76ers @ Bullets 8 PM (ESPN/NBCSW)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are coming off a terrible loss to the Charlotte Hornets! To rebound, they'll have to beat the upstart 76ers who have owned the Wiz the last two meetings. The 76ers have won SEVEN in a row. 8-2 in their last 10. Without Wall's athleticism and ability to dictate the...
  9. 76ers  Rejoice

    76ers Rejoice

  10. Donald Trumps Twitter

    Ben Simmons > Joel Embiid

  11. Kairi Irving

    Rapist in the 2017 Summer League?

    Came across this after checking google to see if Embiid is really 7'2 what the hell :francis: Thought it was :mjpls: but he was kicked out of 2 schools so...:mindblown:
  12. SheWantTheD

    Knicks Loss To 76ers :wtf:

    what the fukk was that?! How you gonna be up by 15 points and blow that shyt by half time? Shooting short as fukk, turnover city, terrible defence, terrible offense. :francis: Why isn't Rose attacking the basket aggressively more? He was 6 of 7 to start.
  13. Archangel

    Super Dario is coming to save the 76ers next season

    Sources: Saric close to joining 76ers next season :blessed: a 22 win season is upon us! Sixer fans rejoice