african history

  1. Hathaway

    I'm So Upset at this Shyt.

    Just everything surrounding our history. We have no idea. We have pieces and fragments of information and we try so desperately to piece that puzzle together with missing pieces. We were banned from reading and writing for centuries. White men erased our history and culture. Removed our...
  2. J

    The Woman King is one of the best movies I ever watched, controversy be damned

    I just finished watching the Woman King and it was absolutely amazing. As a Nigerian who was born in Benin, they got so much of the architecture, fashion, hairstyles, dances, and other cultural traditions right. It's surreal to see the culture that my parents witnessed and passed down...
  3. MischievousMonkey

    African history in a world on white supremacy: Pr Theophile Obenga on the 1974 Cairo Colloquium

    I honestly think it's one of the best video on YouTube. It's an 22 min extract (cut in two parts) from a 4 hour conference Pr Theophile Obenga gave in 2012 in Kinshasa. The main reason is because it encompasses so precisely what it is to do history, or any science for that matter, in a world...
  4. MischievousMonkey

    Why the African continent fell

    @Jesus is my protector @Samori Toure @mbewane Thoughts? If yall had to give your top 3 reasons what would they be?
  5. Brer Dog

    How An African Empire Influenced African-American Roast Sessions

    Yes, this is a repost. I was new to thread posting when I originally did this thread, and ignorantly posted it in tlr... I think when he said "roast sessions" he was referring to the dozens and not roasting in general. This is why he said "roast sessions or the dozens." Saying roast sessions...
  6. The Odum of Ala Igbo

    Let's Talk African History: The Igbo in the Atlantic World

    It's finally here. A thread to talk about the 35 million people strong Igbo of Nigeria and their diaspora all over the Atlantic world. I'll be occasionally dropping nuggets of information about the Igbo diaspora in this thread. Let's get it! A Brief Profile Of The Igbo People Of Jamaica
  7. Milk

    Can animation be an effective way of telling African/black stories?

    There's a lot of events that have happened in African/black history that some black people are not aware of (especially the young population). This includes the Moors in Europe, the Mali Empire, Kingdom of Kongo and more. A lot these events can be used as a basis for a storyline in animated...