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  1. Him

    Cora Jade Appreciate Thread…FKA CJ Lee AKA CJ Bella :mjgrin:

    Login • Instagram She done got verified and don’t know how to act :mjgrin: :whoo:
  2. 3Rivers

    AJ Lee to co-write GLOW comic series

    AJ Lee Hired To Co-Write New GLOW Comic Book Series
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Big E and Kaitlyn Watch Their Summerslam 2013 Match

    Big E and GOATlyn hop in the time machine to watch Big E/AJ Lee vs Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn :mjlol: @ Kaitlyn having no recollection of this match
  4. The Amerikkkan Idol

    How Long Before Vince McMahon/WWE Gets Weinstein'd?

    Like seriously? You already know some of those Playboy bunnies/fitness models from like 10 years ago have been salivating watching all the attention these Weinstein broads have been getting for "standing up to Harvey" years after the fact. So, who do you think will be the first "brave" diva to...
  5. TheWhackMamba

    AJ Mendez Brooks (Lee) on the Adam Carolla show

    http://adamcarolla.com/episodes/ It's not there yet but the podcast is on iTunes already so it won't be long before it hits that site.
  6. MushroomX

    AJ Lee MMA Bubblewraps the Rebel, star in new DVD Horror Movie

    UFC Career on Hold Then Now Forever
  7. Dog Based Gremlin

    The Official "Nikki Bella is the Longest Divas Champion of all times" Bellabration Thread

    AJ Lee = 295 Days as Diva's champion Nikki Bella = 293 Days as Diva's champion Might as well create the celebration thread for the GOAT now seeing as WWE is using this "Divas Revolution" gimmick to sidetrack the fans and allowing WWE to coast 40 more days till the new longest divas champion of...
  8. The Prince of All Saiyans

    AJ booking fees, hogan's lawyers gathering dragonballs, Angle Q&A, Tito speaks

    greasy neckbeards holding a meeting as we speak :ohhh: watchu gon' do :obama: I admire his efforts really but who's side is Mr. Kennedy on?:ohhh:
  9. MushroomX

    CM Punk with Josh Barnett and AJ Lee looking a bit on the Pudgy side

  10. V

    AJ tweets to Stephanie about the women in WWE getting held down :gurrl:

    @StephMcMahon Feb 23 Thank You @PattyArquette for having the courage to fight for #WomensRights on such a grand platform. #UseYourVoice pic.twitter.com/q71acxMExU @WWEAJLee @StephMcMahon Your female wrestlers have record selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the...
  11. So UnThotful