1. I

    Back Home After 2Yrs in County on Murder I Didn't Commit AMAA

    Being locked up during height of the COVID Pandemic was brutal. I managed to make the most out of it mentally..Read a lot, tightened up my self-discipline & strengthened my patience & my ability to analyze people's behaviors & react accordingly. I'm currently out on pre-trial house arrest &...
  2. JadeB

    I'm in Nigeria right now. Ask me anything!

    In Nigeria for two weeks to visit my maternal grandmother for the first time. Just landed in Lagos a few hours earlier and I'm residing in a secluded hotel before I head out for Port Harcourt in the early morning.
  3. JadeB

    Ask a breh with Asperger's Syndrome anything!

    Got diagnosed with it at 8 years old and still dealing with it as a 23 year old. Ask away!
  4. BaviKingVA

    Just got my account approved

    Hey fam, just got approved by @Brooklynzson.
  5. Long Live The Mamba

    I Survived Septic Shock AMA

    Alright coli fam I cant sleep so with all the Covid-19 talk I figured I’d switch it up and open up to questions about surviving something very few people have walked away from. Shoot :yeshrug: if you’re not familiar with septic shock I can break it down :francis:
  6. Neuromancer

    I'm on an all expenses paid work trip AMA.

    About to head to the Telly. In NJ.
  7. Listen

    Male in Leadership Role in High Tech Sales...AMA

    I offered up some personality mirroring advice in another thread and it was mentioned I should post some of those tips and learnings in here. I started selling newspaper subscriptions door to door when I was 10 and have now have had at-least a Director title for the past 8 years. I’ve had to...
  8. Neuromancer

    I'm 5'7 AMA

    Ask me anything.:blessed:
  9. Easy-E

    I should've went 2 bed 30 mins ago *AMA*

  10. Actually6Foot3

    I'm 6'3 AMA

    Name says it all :yeshrug: I'm in the 97th percentile for height in American men. Ask away.
  11. James Gordon

    Makin a AMA just to make a AMA AMA

    AMA to AMA brehs and brehettes:mjgrin: Dont ask me who the fack is James Gordon tho:birdman:
  12. LightSkinYeshua

    Im a 23 year old virgin not by choice AMA

  13. TEH

    Suggest an AMA for a poster?

  14. TEH

    Silent Film AMA

  15. Luke Cage

    I'm a Black guy that used to be married to an Indian woman AMA

    Had a kid together too. Ask Away.
  16. Neuromancer

    I'm a comic book writer AMA

    Been into speculative fiction since I can remember. My dad used to buy me comic books and I always loved stories and story telling. Then he introduced me to Star Trek and my cousin gave me Daredevil Born Again and Batman Year one in the 3rd Grade. The rest is history. Interned at Marvel in 08'...
  17. ❤Aԃɾιαɳα Rσȥαყ ❤

    Official ƁƠƲʆЄЄҲƠ Ⱥ♏Ⱥ

    I was inspired by @Hennessypapi topic and decided to start my own AMA since i'm sure y'all have alot of questions.◔͜͡◔
  18. DrX

    My first day at truck driving school as an high profile recruit. AMA

    This is my first day. A first day for a new beginning. Say goodbye to the creative world and hello to the Class A CDL industry. Right now I'm doing orientation and it's like any introduction. Just course outlines blah blah blah. It's cool tho. I already studied and got my CDL permit on my own...
  19. SirReginald

    JJG Presents: Ask Me Anything (Just A Hardworking Brotha)

    I'm bored and just filled out some applications. Anyway, ask me anything.
  20. The Wolf Among You

    Just underwent surgery, ask me anything

    Thread title says everything.