1. M

    Alabama Senator Katie Britt on sum Handmaid's tale shyt

    Proposing a bill to create a federal database of pregnant people, this is all abortion, population control and ETC. the GOP is inching closer to becoming the American Taliban. fukk that, ain't no way in hell they gonna propose a baby registry, I'm telling you people are gonna all the way...
  2. MushroomX

    Brexit Part Deux: Prince Harry declaring America is Home

    :mjlol: He did that, "The UK is always going to be my home... in my heart."
  3. JadeB

    If America had a second civil war, what would the reason for it be? And would you stay and fight for the side you support or would you be a refugee?

    I just watched A24's Civil War last night (great movie that you should watch, btw) and I thought it would be an interesting thought exercise. For the US, I think it probably over gun rights or a certain president having a third term. I doubt Texas and California would enter into an alliance...
  4. Nkrumah Was Right

    Nigerian bodybuilder shot dead in America by wife

    Making the rounds on Nigerian social media From another news outlet:
  5. JadeB

    Colorado Springs elected a Nigerian mayor. He now might lose re-election for his pro-immigration stance

  6. JadeB

    Why are Muslims more well integrated in the US than in Europe?
  7. NoirDynosaur

    Why Americans' 'YOLO' spending spree baffles economists

    Despite past trends, US consumers are spending at record levels. Economists are mystified – and struggling to forecast an end point. Throughout a period of sky-high interest rates, depleted savings and grinding inflation, Americans have spent with abandon. On Black Friday, sales at...
  8. FAH1223

    2024 U.S. Presidential General Election Thread

    I think it’s time to start panicking if you’re Biden
  9. TEH

    Spin: What would we rename America if we could?

    Now that India might rename itself and a lot of countries have their own internal names. If we were to rename America (… because why should we keep the name of an obscure Italian explorer …) what would we be called?
  10. NoirDynosaur

    Does Cancel culture and Political Correctness kill the fun of American culture?

    Cancel Culture was a phenomenon proposed by Millennials. What is Cancel Culture? Cancel culture refers to the practice of publicly calling out and shaming individuals or entities for behavior deemed unacceptable or offensive, often resulting in consequences such as loss of employment or...
  11. ORDER_66

    NYPD almost commits murder on the GCP... :wow::wild: smfh

  12. President Sakora

    For all the lovers of the WAR Machine

    So long as c00ns exist to destroy progress you'll never be free.
  13. ORDER_66

    Mcdonald's busted for using child slave labor... 10 year old kids...and NEVER even paid them. :wow::america: A McDonald's franchisee in Kentucky employed two 10-year-old children in violation of federal labor laws, the Department of Labor said Tuesday. Bauer Food, LLC, a...
  14. NoirDynosaur

    Why is America prudish about sex but non-hypocritical with violence

    American culture is very hypocritical in a way When it comes to showing gore, bloody violence and guns, there’s no problem:sas2: But show some titties or a nip-slip…and everybody goes ape shyt!:sas2: Remember the Janet Jackson scandal? There was selective outrage over slight nudity. Over...
  15. M

    What exactly is the woke agenda?

    How will it affect me as a african american man and why should i be against it?
  16. M

    Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for “National Divorce”

    These republicans are really undoing the fabric of this country and if we’re not aware then everything will be gone. My apologies for sharing the tweet of a literal white supremacist but she’s one of the most powerful people in congress at the moment, her calling for this openly is big news.
  17. M

    How do you foresee the future of America?

    America is so ass. I'm tired of this maga shyt and the shootings are way out of control. Also I feel like the government might be coming for my rights lowkey... I mean they did it to white women with that Roe V wade stuff so I know nikkas next (again) in some way. Y'all think shyt finna be...
  18. Alix217

    What's the most dangerous city in America RIGHT NOW?

    :jbhmm: Curious about what ya'll think is the most dangerous city in America right now.
  19. ISO

    Proliferation of switch handguns and hip-hop influence

    That fat sloppy journalist covering the YSL case wrote an article on switches I feel is thread worthy. These guns pretty much have no effectiveness and led to a mass shooting (gang related) in a Sacramento club this year where innocents were killed...