1. LauderdaleBoss

    Check out this 6 min cartoon me and my Coli podcast brehs just made. (Pizza Wars)

    starring @patscorpio @King P @Conscious Pilot @clanarchy plus some more features. We even got heavyweight contender Jonnie Rice to do some vocals too. This some big shyt for us because nobody in podcast history is making cartoons with the athletes they interviewed. :banderas...
  2. BlackMajik

    This was the best animation + artwork Disney ever did...Period!!!

    Firebird suite from Fantasia 2000 I remember seeing this in imax when it came out and I was blown away and it still holds up today. The animation + artwork + music were top notch:banderas: I wonder if Disney will ever surpass this:jbhmm:
  3. Smokee Robinson

    Make a animated version/ remake of any movie or tv show

    You got an unlimited budget for a movie or series what movie y’all bruhs making and what art style? 1:Belly with the same studios that did Afro Samurai or Ghost in the shell 2: City of God with the same style as Street fighter 2 movie 3: The Departed with the same style that DC animation...
  4. Ambulance


  5. MushroomX

    Seth Green's TV pilot got cancelled because someone stole his fukking NFT :mjlol:

    :mjlol::mjlol: :mjlol: :mjlol: :mjlol: TL:DR Version: Seth was making a show based on his NFT, and then it got stolen, so now he doesn't own the IP.
  6. Gopher Putin

    Gopher Putin

  7. Dillah810

    MASTER Official Trailer (2021) Superhero, Animation Movie

    Trailer came out last month. I searched the forum and didn't see thread for this, so I thought I'd make one Master follows the story of Olivia, a once-promising martial arts champion who is on a journey to guide her family to what she believes is a better life. Along the way, Olivia discovers...
  8. Rhapture

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Animated series

    Didn't know they tried to make this happen. I like it because I think animation showcases a slayers strength and durability better than live action
  9. Days of Future Piff

    I've been sleeping HARD on Clone Wars :whoo: (Just finished S1)

    Just finished the first season (in chronological order). I give the prequels a lot of crap, but this show is actually pretty solid so far. For all my issues with the prequels, they at least tied into the previously established lore that was only talked about in the OG movies, and they actually...
  10. Days of Future Piff

    Be a lumberjack, brehs

    Does anyone here remember Happy Tree Friends? Those joints used to have me rolling (:mjlol:) back in the day.
  11. LauderdaleBoss

    So we made another Cartoon (RGR ep.2)

    Sup brehs and brehettes. Back in July, a group of us made our first cartoon. Well, we just dropped episode 2 Thank you to everybody taking the time out to watch it and give feedback. Its much...
  12. LauderdaleBoss

    So me and some Coli brehs made a cartoon. (RGR ep1)

    starring... @patscorpio @King P @PJTech @clanarchy It's loosely based off of our boxing website... RingGangRadio | The Realest Boxing Site Out and our podcast , but on some old school adult swim type shyt. Everybody provided their own voices and I drew everything and another one of our...
  13. Nero Christ

    Homer gone off Wiggum's chili is still some of the GOAT animation

    this is art brehs :wow:hand drawn greatness :wow:not that overly colorful ADHD bullshyt from a computer yall prop up now a days :wow: prime Simpsons :wow:
  14. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    This Dame Dash cartoon is funny as hell

    :russ::russ::russ: I can't breathe life into another man's mouth I'm from Harlem :russ:
  15. TheGodling

    Official "Invincible" TV Series Thread (NO COMIC SPOILERS)

    American Dragon Ball Z is here.:blessed: Amazon Greenlights ‘Invincible’ Superhero Animated Series From Robert Kirkman Amazon Studios has given an eight-episode hourlong animated series Invincible, from The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and artist Ryan Ottley, based on Kirkman’s...
  16. King Static X

    What was your favorite era of Toonami?

    The Moltar Era (1997-1999) TOM 1.0 Era (1999-2000) TOM 2.0 Era (2000-2004) Tom 3.0 Era (2004-2007) Tom 4.0 Era (2007-2008) Toonami was the GOAT! :wow:
  17. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    your GOAT animation movie? pick just one!

    the announcement of The INcredibles 2 got me thinkin of how many great Animation movies we've had in the last 20 years. So I pose this question to y'all: What is your GOAT animation movie? If you had to pick just one that has everything a classic movie should have, which one would it be? I'd go...
  18. Jimi Swagger

    Tyrus Wong, Disney's ‘Bambi’ Artist Thwarted by Racial Bias, Dies at 106

    One of my favorite Disney cartoons after Lion King and Cinderella. :mjcry: Wonder how much good ole Walt compensated him for :jbhmm: Tyrus Wong was one of the most celebrated Chinese-American artists of the 20th century, but he passed much of his career unknown to the general public...
  19. Milk

    Can animation be an effective way of telling African/black stories?

    There's a lot of events that have happened in African/black history that some black people are not aware of (especially the young population). This includes the Moors in Europe, the Mali Empire, Kingdom of Kongo and more. A lot these events can be used as a basis for a storyline in animated...
  20. Milk


    What do you guys think about this prospective animated series? Looking at the comment section people are saying the voice acting is trash.